Summer’s not supposed to be over yet – but apparently the Seattle marine weather has a mind of it’s own and insists we are done. What a jerky weather system.

An my tomato plants agree with my weather system assessment. They’re still all green and very angry with they’re state.

There are these four who yelled at me that they were chilly and needed someone to turn up the heat in this place!!

These two babies cried that unbearable baby shriek that makes your blood curdle. 

This one was gruff like a stern father, pissed off that someone touched the thermostat in the house.

And these other monsters obnoxious teenage tomatoes growing like crazy and thinking that they’re adults and can do whatever they want – except they are not actually grown up yet – Mama Megan says.
Silly teenagers.

Mama is just asking for a few more days of heat here – I want my tomato children to grown up big and strong and delicious. I’m not asking for much here Seattle Marine Weather System – really!!