This weekend I took Ben out to the farm to meet the goofy, silly, loveable and oh-so adorable animals I have come to love. The best introductions made this weekend were between Ben and the pygmy goats Charlie and Rocky. With their stubby little legs nad distented fat bellies, how can you not smile and giggle at them?!
The boys were all curious about eachother. Charlie took an immediate liking to Ben, but Rocky?…It might have taken a little longer…
A few head butts here and there, and they began to overcome their differences.
Me and the goats had gotten along swimmingly from the beginning. I figure it’s in their nature to “nom” and chew on everything – it’s how they show their love. One day it might be my camera neck strap, another day my jean legs… 
And some days – it’s my sweatshirt strings.
But they let me scratch and love them all the same. Their little goat faces looking at you with the little beady eyes – they just bring a smile to your face and it makes your frayed sweatshirt strings just another bump in the road.
And as for the boys and Ben – well if the nomming and chewing is how they show their love, 
I think they are all on the right track.