The more I write the more I realize what a great community that bloggers have. We’re separated by a computer screen and seemingly countless miles and some, if not many of us, have never met our bloggy counterparts. But for some reason, I’m just as comfortable talking to these bloggies as I am with someone in front of me or my best-est of friends.

One of the bloggers I have become best bloggie buddies with is Haley at the Girly Girl Cooks. She’s been mentioned here a few times before and I am so happy to have connected with such a sweet, wonderful and endearing person, someone I can consider a friend.

This morning I opened up my blog to find a wonderful surprise, a Stylish Bloggie Award.

How sweet is this? So in the spirit of the Stylish Blogger Award I must follow the rules that go along with winning this Magnificent Prize (name that movie!).
Now I get to pass on the honor of having a stylish blog by following these simple steps:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.  (Check!)
2. Share seven things about yourself
3. Pass the award on to bloggers you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.

Now to share 7 things about myself!
1. I have a tattoo.  All my life I have been a horse loving girl, so it was appropriate to have something horse related. It’s a horseshoe on my right foot, on the inside of my ankle between my ankle bone and my heel. You’d hardly notice if I weren’t wearing flipflops.  My dad and I got tattoos together, quality bonding time.

2. I’m half Czech. My mom and grandparents escaped the 1969 occupation of Czechoslovakia and came to the US as refugees. 

3. I got my dog Huckleberry almost solely for the fact that labradors have the softest ears ever. 

4.  I used to be a lumberjack. The is until I hurt my back with two herniated discs and a pinched cyatic nerve. Miss it, still love it and long to do it again.
(Yup – 1st place hard-hit! Boo yah!!)

5. I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life and I’m dying for more! Been to Czech Republic, Canadia (though that hardly counts since they’re our neighbors in the Great White North), Mexico, England, and Japan. But the place that tops my “Want to Go To Someday” List is ITALY!!

6. My first cooked/baked recipe is Chocolate Chip cookies. I started baking at the age of 7 and I never want to stop!

7. Eastern Washington is “home” to me, though I grew up here in the Greater Seattle area. One day I’ll be back there, amongst the wheat fields, rolling hills and gorgeous Palouse sunsets. 

Now to pass this fun award along to some of my favorite blogs!!!!

All of these women create wonderfulness in their kitchens and in their lives. It’s such a fantastic way to learn and laugh with others. I couldn’t be more excited to open up my computer everyday and catch brief glimpses into all of these exciting lives, and realize that we’re all not as different as we may think.