It’s been a while since I posted my latest StitchFix fixes with you guys – and I’ve had three that I have to show you!! I’m so behind the game, but I have to start from the beginning. It was the first Fix in a year, so I was really hoping that after all this time, I would get at least one item to keep. Oy, what a tall order. So here are the results from the first fix! What do you think? Kick ’em or Keep ’em?

Screen shot 2015-06-18 at 9.06.48 PM

*Side Note* – forgive the hair, I just got back in from a walk with the dog and running errands, and well, there was no way I was getting dolled up just to try on close. Just keepin’ it real, yo.

Daniel Rainn Shirt – Keep it!

It’s got florals, it’s billowy, and it’s neutral. This shirt paired spectacularly with skinny jeans and beige flats. One of my favorites.

StitchFix Friday - Spring Edition  Daniel Rainn Shirt

Fun2Fun Bike Blouse – Keep It! 

This cutie pattootie is perfect for work, especially with my favorite bright green cardigan.
StitchFix Friday - Spring Edition - Fun2Fun Shirt

Gingham Blouse – Keep it. 

As exhibited by the expression, at first this definitely wasn’t one that was going to give me jazz hands. The pockets are precariously placed, and well, the different pattern just made me feel like the only place anyone’s eyes would divert was south of my face, if you catch my drift. The white tank top underneath definitely did it no favors, but when I tried it on again with a black tank top, my boot cut jeans and my cowboy boots – I felt much better. So it stayed and it’s actually become a favorite. Funny how things work out!
StitchFix Friday - Spring Edition - Fun2Fun Shirt

41 Hawthorn Skirt – Keep it

I had to give this one a chance. But like I said, I wasn’t doing my hair to show off these clothes and I DEFINITELY wasn’t going to be putting on a pair of Spanx just for these photos, so… apologies.

This wasn’t a throw my hands up in the air skirt, especially going spanx-less, but…
StitchFix Friday - Spring Edition - 41 Hawthorn Skirt

When I paired it with the Fun2Fun bicycle shirt, there was hope to be had afterall! Next time, I’ll add the Spanx. StitchFix Friday - Spring Edition - 41 Hawthorn Skirt and Fun2Fun Bike Shirt

Kensie Crewneck Eyelet Dress – Totally Keep It!

As if you couldn’t guess it by my face! Keeping this cutie was the obvious choice! Plus, it has pockets. Talk about perfect. Guess the husband has to take me out to dinner. Hear that hunny?StitchFix Friday - Spring Edition - Kensie Shift Dress

But, I did get to take this cutie for a spin on my trip to California for EatSeaRetreat!

StitchFix Friday - Spring Edition - Kensie Shift Dress

If you hate the mall just as much as I do, and have analysis paralysis when being stared down by rows and rows of clothes – it’s just easier to have someone else do it! Luckily, I took home everything from this fix, which saved me an additional 25% for keeping all five items.

Give your first fix a try, and brush up your current wardrobe or go for gold and try something really new.

Screen shot 2015-06-18 at 9.06.48 PM


*fine print – this fix was paid for by me, myself and I. This post does contain a referral link.*