What better place to work your way into the depths of your man’s heart and soul than in the kitchen? 

And if you’re going to be lightin’ that fire through food – why not steam it up whilst decked out in a Flirty Apron!?!
Flirty Aprons really breaks the mold on the dull and drab aprons of ye olde days, breaking out some energetic and funky colors that really modernize the Way of the Apron. 
Who doesn’t remember their Grams in an apron, tossing a spoon in a pocket and simultaneously using it as a kitchen towel or oven mitt to whisk something piping hot out of the oven? And June Cleaver even rocked one with a gorgeous strand of pearls. Classy broads. 
Now, a lucky winner can too – just hipped up and brought into the new age.
Because it’s a Saturday night.
Because I’m sitting here with an 85 pound labra-dork snoring right next to me and lounging in my PJ’s watching NCIS,
and because I love ya, I’m giving away one (1) Flirty Apron in Cocoa Lime!
To enter just leave a comment below telling me…
What are you going to cook, bake or whip up while wearing this here gorgeous apron?

This giveaway will run until next Friday, June 17th when the winner will be announced here and on the Wanna Be A Country Cleaver Facebook page. Feel free to tell your friends! And good luck!
*Editor’s Note* This giveaway was sponsored by yours truly with my own money, because I’m a sucker for a good deal and adorable duds. Over and out.