I really wish I were as creative as these women (and men). The annual Starving Housewives Craft Show has come to Bothell and having missed it last year, I’ve made it a point to stop in this year and see what it’s all about.

Local crafters have gathered together in various north-end locations to showcase their fare, and is it a sight to see. Today there were 70 exhibits and crafters displaying everything from crafted wood signs, baked goods, jams, jellies, sewing and quilting pieces, soaps and holiday decor. 
These signs were all made from reclaimed wood. Their creator Lorraine was a lovely lady to talk to. She was so proud of what she’s created and each sign is adorable and full of character. Each piece of wood had it’s own story to tell. Lorainne let each scrap tell her what to make of it, and those are some smart pieces of wood – cause they demanded she make them adorable and she obliged. 
This Jalapeno Jelly from Grandma’s Cupboard was delish! I’m a pretty big woos when it comes to heat and peppers, but this was balanced and toned down a bit with green and red bell peppers. I was told this would make a great addition to stir fry sauce or a baked ham. This is something I simply must try. 
Jalapeno jelly has made it on the list of things that I must try canning.
And these bottles! I absolutely, unequivocally fell in love with these bottles. Practicing any semblance of self-restraint was very difficult. But how can you not love antiqued bottled of Moon Dust, Poison, Essence of Were Wolf! 
Martha Stewart eat your heart out!
Of course the soaps and bath products were there. Any self respecting girly girl couldn’t pass by this booth without stopping. Hello? With such a plethora of soaps ranging from Geisha inspired ultra moisturizing, to the Bare Naked soap – what’s not to love?
Heck, it looks like fudge and smells just as wonderful – but it is soap, even if it does smell like a mocha.

This was my other purchase of the afternoon. A wonderfully floral, feathery purple barrette that I’m so excited to throw into my hair for a company party in the next few months. I couldn’t help but look ahead to imagine my future wardrobe choice – this adorable piece being apart of it. It’ll fit in perfectly at a Teatro Zinzanni show!
This was a great craft show. I encourage anyone in the Seattle area to come out and support these Starving Housewives (and husbands). They made each and every piece themselves, with lots of time and plenty of love. 
Please visit them in person or find out more about their story and upcoming shows at their website.
I’m already antsy for the next show, the Holiday Edition at Echo Falls Country Club November 9th to the 13!! Woo!!