Huck has a toy, which I have taken to calling his “baby”. It’s a stuffed dog toy that I won playing Whack-A-Mole while at the Puyallup Fair with Beka and Jason last month.

Normally, The Dude (aka Huck) noms on his stuffed toys until all the white stuffing is scattered around the apartment, the squeekers are torn out and nothing but a shell of the toy is left. He likes doom. I can only imagine what he would do to a duck or goose if he were actually a hunting dog…I’d get a beak and a few feathers back I’m sure.

But with this ‘baby’, he has taken to it like well – a baby. It’s been almost a month and it still has all it’s stuffing, it’s shape, and it’s stuffed animal integrity. And now, it’s his new cuddle buddy.

I wish there were words to describe how confused I was over seeing this when I woke up this morning. 
But boy, did my heart melt!!

Soon after seeing this, taking the first picture and prepping for another adorable cuddling-shot with Huck and The Baby…he gave me the sleepy eyed “What the Heck are you staring at Mom?!”
And the “aww”-moment was gone.