1) For the first time in my life, dinner last night consisted of dessert. Well, I should take that back. The first time in my responsible, boring, adult and in bed by nine every night adult life consisted of froyo. And it was a miraculous thing. I really think that that one girl from Remember Me with RPatz and Chris Cooper (oh, you didn’t see it? Yeah, not many people did. I’m just weird), had the right idea when she always ate dessert first. Life is too short. Or I’ll just find anyway I can to justify eating something sweet over something it is good for me. So responsible.


1b) And it had M&Ms on it. Cause you needed to know that.

2) There were a lot of dips consumed over SuperBowl weekend. And then, I had to consume more dips yesterday to prep for March Madness. Three dips, three wildly varying schmears to be slathered over bread and devoured unabashedly. Hence, number 1.

3) The best new photo prop or supply I bought was last weekend. It was $5 and way better than the bead board I originally went in for.

FYI Home Depot (or at least mine) won’t cut you a custom piece of beadboard out of a 4×8 foot sheet. What was I going to do with a 4×8 sheet of bead board in a one bedroom apartment and no visible wallspace to tack it up? Well, using a 2×2 section for food photos is what my intended purpose was…but no, that was squashed like a slug beneath my shoe. I take that bad. I hate slugs – it’s the no-legs thing, I’d be on the horizon by now instead.

I picked up a totes gorgeous but not so light 16×16 inch porcelain tile section for a whopping $5. That’s practically the price of a Triple Grande Soy Cinnamon Dulce Latte. You can see it in the second dip photo down below. Perfection.


4) Speaking of all those dips, I made this Roasted Tomato Brie dip about 9 months ago. Devoured it all myself, thank you. Well, I made it again and took some new photos. It’s like a before and after reality show makeover here, just less bags under your eyes and no mom jeans. But it still stands that this dips is the stuff cheese angels are made of. Like, WOAH!


Roasted Tomato Brie Dip - homemadehome.com


Roasted Tomato Brie Dip - homemadehome.com

Woah, right? Here’s the skinny and a bit on an honesty bomb thrown in.

We bloggers can get really bogged down with all the greatness, funness, newness, and neatoness that is photo equipment, cameras and editing software. Trust me – I’m NO different. The lusting I do over the camera section at Costco over the Canon 60D usually involves two pallet movers and an elephant. But here I made one big change – a new lens.

I’ve been using the exact same camera since before I started blogging, a Canon Rebel xSi and switched it up from the stock 18-55mm lens to this 60mm in this photo. Between the 50mm and the 60mm, I can’t decide which lens I like more. There are so many options, expensive ones too – but I have reluctantly realized (thank you BEN!), it’s not the camera that takes crappy photos, it’s us, the users. More often than not we aren’t using the camera right to take great photos! It’s all about the tools. Take the time to learn your camera and you will find your groove and your photography will change before your eyes. Don’t be discouraged. Be encouraged and be empowered. Ready? BREAK!

5) We still haven’t ordered our wedding photos – six months later – but I decided to change out some of the photos I’ve had around the house so we had a little more Palouse in our lives to look at. It helps fill the void.

PicMonkey Collage 20-51-48

6) And if you didn’t see this yet – I have to ask – how is that rock you’re living under? Because dessert for dinner and now looking at this for breakfast really just shows you how far I’ve fallen. Send help.  And Girl Scout cookies. With some salted caramel sauce.

Samoas Brownie Parfait with Salted Caramel Sauce - homemadehome.com

7) Is anyone else completely smitten with all the mint things this season? My singular focus in all things fashion is now honed in on mint. Went to Target and the three items purchased were all varying shades of mint. The nail polish alone is the best $2 ever spent.