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1. I can’t walk by the pasta aisle at the store and not pause for just a split second when I see the boxed mac and cheese in the blue box. It was the epitome of my childhood. But every time I bring one home I am continually disappointed. WHY after 15 attempts do I still think the next time will be different? When will I learn? Don’t answer that. The next box of Spongebob Mac n cheese is bound to be a winner…


1b. Am I the only one that puts ketchup on my mac n cheese? I blame my mother for this. You can unfriend me now. I understand. Salsa verde also makes an ice mac n cheese topping. Trust me on this one.

2. The Bourne movies have been out for what, 12 years now? Finally Ben saw the first one. Took long enough, right? Best $4 spent at Target. He likes living under the rock known as nursing school. Now we just have to finish the next two and move onto the Jeremy Renner Bourne movie. My crush on him is kind of obscene. Don’t ask why, I don’t know.

3. Over the Twitterverse, a blogger was tweeting about the jerky guy next to her in a chair at the hair salon who continually insulted his hair stylist as “chubby” when she was 9 months pregnant and ready to pop. Dear Men at large, for the betterment of society and for the protection of your low hanging jungle fruit – don’t insult pregnant women. Or you never know when a foot might meet said jungle fruit. It won’t be pretty. So until you can walk in our shoes, keep it zipped and judgement free.

3b. I am not pregnant – but Duchess Catherine is just rocking my socks off with preggo fashion. I’m going to rock the yoga pants 10x harder than I do now and I have no shame. My yoga pants and I are one. Much to Ben’s dismay, He doesn’t understand their power.

4. Drinks with bubbles have over taken our lives the last few months. Between the Gin and lemon laden French 75 at our new favorite watering hole down town Seattle with cotton candy and the double bubble of World Market’s fruit soda and extra bubbles – it’s a mimosa on crack. I like crack. Crack, in bubble form is good. So good.


5. World Market – your bubbles kill me dead. I’m coming for you next Pomegranate. Mimosas on the edge Exhibit A.

IMG_52796. These girls are friends, perfected. And they like cupcakes. This is why we’re friends. Oh don’t worry – I picked up a plain vanilla cupcake for Ben. That’s how he rolls.


7. I’ve never been so ragey over a TV show – but the winding down of The Office is absolutely killing me. Don’t mess with Jim and Pam. And then I cried. Hate me, go for it.

8. And FINALLY – less than 90 days before her wedding, Corinne (one of my bridesmaids) has finally made a cake decision for her big day – and guess who’s making it? THIS GIRL!!  She has finally nailed down my Rose Ombre cake for her big day. This is my favorite cake – stupid simple, and so cute. And it’s already in her colors. She’s making my job easy. Which is why I love her. Now we just have to get the bridesmaid dresses.


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