1.  Is everyone and their mama out running a 5K this weekend? More power to y’all. Enjoy that three miles in the wee hours of the morning, I’ll stay here with my coffee and Bailey’s and cheer you on! It’s how I’ll choose to pay my respects to the Irish today, now that I’m nearly done with that half gallon of Bailey’s I picked up a year and a half ago.

Here are 15 Irish Cream-tastic recipes that you have to make this St. Paddy’s Day. Do it, don’t try to resist. It’s futile.

15 Irish Cream Recipes - homemadehome.com

2. This was the best way to waste 4 minutes of my time this week. Baby seals, people. BABY SEALS. My right ovary kicked me, repeatedly.


3. For the first time since the honeymoon, I’m taking a few days off work and heading to Chicago. I’ll be staying at PUBLIC Chicago. Excuse me whilst I fall over. It’s going to be a food filled weekend and its top of my list to get to know a slice of Chicago Deep Dish pizza very intimately. A pizza tryst. That doesn’t sound dirty at all, does it?

4. Monday, get ready because there will be a giveaway perfect for your Easter celebrations. It looks something like this, from the famed NOLA macaron shop Sucre. I promised to share these with my friends at our last Happy Hour, but I oh-so-conventiently forgot them. Ohhhh, darn. Ben and I spent two nights devouring 15 of these absolutely stunning macarons. The iridescent shimmering dust on the orange and pink macaroons just slayed me to the Nth degree. I think the orange Carrot Cake macarons were my favorite.


5. Someone else tell me that they are going to feel just as lost as I am when The Office comes to an end this year. I blame Ben for getting me hooked on that show. The Jim and Pam story line has carried me through the most taxing of TV times. And they are really messing with me this last season with this tension and long distance issues. Get it together JIM!!

6. To help get me through this, I’m diving head first into New Girl and I finally got Ben to watch one episode with me. He’s hooked. SCORE! I think it’s because him and Nick are pretty much the same crotchety old “Get off my lawn” kinda men. Ben is quite a bit more ambitious and doesn’t work in a bar – but other than that… Spot. ON.

7. And I’ve been told repeatedly that Huck needs his own Facebook page and Instagram accounts. The biggest thing stopping me is that the hound will probably get a bigger following than I have and my fragile ego couldn’t handle that. What do you think about people who set up Facebook and Instagram accounts for their pets? Yay or Nay? I mean after this photo yesterday, it almost got me considering it.