1) My mom’s birthday is this weekend, so I’m doing what I do best – making something atrociously bad for you, or well her. I saw this cake ages ago in Portland at my favorite dessert place, like ever – Papa Hayden’s. How can the thought of a Pear Almond Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream NOT make you drool? That’s right, it can’t not. So, commence your drooling. It’s allowed. And feel the freedom to drool over the rest of their menu.


2)Today started my new television endeavor into a new show – Call the Midwife. This might be the only thing that will get me through the next year until the 4th SEason of Downton Abbey begins. I was clearly born in the wrong era and country. My maiden last name was no indication or anything. It is only the name of the money! Or was.

3) It’s amazing what you will find when you download all the pictures from your nearly filled to capacity phone. I forgot I’d taken a picture of this barn when I was in Fairfield over the summer. Every time I go east to the Palouse, that barn always looks a little worse for wear and the only thing that barn up is the bales of hay in it. They aren’t bound to hold up much longer…


4) Last week came the latest round of the One Kitchen, Many Hearts box from my lovely tundra dwelling friend Kat from Tenaciously Yours. Beka and I had our first Facetime Date with her this week and it was like all the pieces of our pen-pal-ship/friendship fell into place just like they were meant too. With wine exchanged by all. In this month’s box she included all necessities to promote my Anglophilic way of life. And by some miracle, the Postal Gods on high managed to not break a single thing!


Guess who can have a proper tea time now? This girl. Kat and I have regular pow-wows about the status of Duchess Kate’s closet, growing baby bump and all the most valued Pippa Tips flowing to and fro around the interwebs. I hope you can read sarcasm, cause that last bit was heavily laden with sarcasm.

Also included was a life time supply of English Breakfast tea, my cookie spirit animal in the form of Shortbread and wonderfully affirmational stationary. It will be nice to fill my chilly winter nights with something more than 140 character messages.


Come to Mama!!

5) My childhood has been brought back to me in the most delicious way – homemade Magic Shell ice cream topping. Just yes. And when you can make it less than 10 minutes, and it’s 10,552 times better than the original – this just simply has to be made. One ingredient makes all the difference in the world and once you find out what it is you’ll give yourself the Gibbs Slap.

Make Your Own Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping - homemadehome.com

5b ) One thing I learned about my 60mm macro lens this week – it takes amazing picture. Well, I knew that – I can now firmly say it is my favorite lens. But it picks up every rogue Huck hair, like the one that landed on the ice cream dish and I didn’t even realize it until the recipe was posted. Wonderful.

5c) Also, I’m too lazy to go fix it.

6) Look forward to this recipe on Monday. I’m a terrible indecisive person who can’t figure out what recipes to post – and turning to Facebook to try and figure it out was also a bad idea because the answer to my should I post Chewy Nutella Cookies or Dirty Chai Granola was a 50/50 split! Even you guys can’t make up your minds! Now I don’t feel so bad about my indecisiveness. But here is the Dirty Chai Granola, just to keep you drooling over the weekend. And to sweeten the deal – it has quinoa. Winner!


7) I just got word today that I’m heading to Chicago in a bit over two weeks. Only having seen the airport doesn’t really count as having been to Chicago, so this time around I’ll actually get to spend three days there and I can’t wait. My fat pants will be packed. Any Chicago food recommendations and place I have to hit while I’m in town?! Let me know! I’m all ears. And wide open face.

With that – have a fantabulous weekend and see you Monday with some dirty chai granola! I promise this time!!