PW Wednesday is winding down folks! This week, in our final week of recipes, Rachel chose Ree’s Ranch Style Chicken. And dare we say it almost boarders on healthy? Well, thats before the bacon and the cheese additions make their appearance. NOT that they weren’t worth it – because lets face it – everything is better with bacon and my heart skips a beat for cheese.

And if this were sammiched between some hefty bread, as Ree stated she normally serves it – this would be absolutely divine and a bane to my waistline. Man food – all the way.

But seeing as I’m a girl with a figure to look after and a dress to rock in less than a month – I had to nix the extra carbs and go the route of slicing this up and tossing it over a bed of spinach.

With a little extra bacon left over, I couldn’t let it go to waste – so it only seemed appropriate to sprinkle it over the top. Natch.

While I was making the marinade for the chicken – of dijon, honey, paprika and crushed red pepper – some of it was reserved before the chicken was added so that I could make a quick salad dressing out of it by whisking a little olive oil into the reserved and untarnished marinade. It worked like a charm. The vinegar in the dijon mustard and the olive oil played nicely together and danced nicely all the way down to my tummy.

All in all – Rachel picked good. Well. Perfectly. (Yay, grammar.) We’ve been sweeted out, gluttoned out, and all out fattened up. This was really simple, delicious and even though it wasn’t the healthiest dish we could have eaten, I didn’t leave the table needing brooms used as levers to hoist my daintiness.

Will I made this again? Yes. Just as the chicken though. But if I’m feeling like a rebel – I’ll make this sammich style. With le bacon and le chez. 27 days from now, that might just happen. Post wedding diet and all.

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