Pizza and beer. Two things that inextricably and undeniably go together – but what if it’s a breakfast pizza? Now I don’t know about you but I was utterly conflicted on whether it was legit to enjoy a beer with breakfast food. Granted it was dinner time, breakfast for dinner, but still something about it seemed daredevilish. So, I went and had a beer like the rebel I am. *laughs at the thought of me being a rebel*

Now at the risk of sounding like an alki – I’m going to say it anyway – beer, eggs and hashbrowns on pizza is a flavor combination that can only be compared to party in your mouth. A mouth party. Animal House style. Raucous, Insane and totally a flavor combo to remember.

The girls of PW Wednesdays, Julie, Gina, Rachel, Tina and I all teamed up to make this and give you our own takes on the dish. This is the fourth of our PW Wednesdays and I think out of all of them so far, this is my favorite.

There were plenty of veggies to keep the dish colorful and fresh.

The hashbrowns on the top were crisp and felt like a Saturday morning.

One of the best tricks I learned about crisping up potatoes came to me from ATK when I made their oven fries. Cut, or in this case shredded potatoes left an abundance of starch on the outside yielding soggy, soft and dastardly results. Bleh! The key is soaking the potatoes in cold water for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the cuts. For this recipe I soaked the potatoes for about 20 minutes and changed the water three times just to make sure all the starches were washed away. As the starch settles it forms a white swirl on the bottom of the bowl. You’ll be able to see it plain as day.

The ‘taters were drained, patted dry with a handful of paper towels and then prepared as usual. Worked like a dream!! America’s Test Kitchen has never let me down.

All whilst this was going on, one recipe of PW’s Pizza Dough was fixed up and left to rise almost going The Thing on me and nearly overfilling the bowl.

Once all the ingredients were prepared and ready to go, the pizza was easy to piece together. The piece de resistance was absolutely and without question – the egg. My first introduction to egg on pizza was in DC a couple falls ago where I meandered around Georgetown taking in a few Georgetown Cupcakes (My God!), Dean and Deluca’s (The Cheese!) , and Pizza Parradiso where I sat down with a botarga pizza, a beer, a book and had the whole restaurant to myself. It was like a scene from a movie. DC and egg on pizza captivated my heart.

Needless to say, that was the what sealed the deal on this recipe.

And since this had bacon, hash, and egg on top – Hello! Look out, Megan’s comin’ through!! It was a win through and through. I highly encourage you to make this for your family. They’ll love you forever, even though they’re obligated to forever anyway – the beauties of family.

Don't mind the dental floss on the pizza… Kidding! The cheese was superiorly stringy!

Take a peek at the other girls’ take on this pizza and see how it stacked up.

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