It’s Tuesday, I’m stuffed on left over lasagna, fresh broccoli, and a few happy hour nachos from the bar with some friends. Oi vie. Really that last thing I should be doing is talking about food, because that means thinking of food, and thinking of food makes me remember how absolutely stuffed I am – uncomfortable stuffed. Sweat pants here I come!

But first – your Grocery List for this delectable dish for you and your hunny!
~ 4 slices of whole wheat French Bread
~ 6 slices Prosciutto
~ 3 leaves Kale (de-stemmed)
~ 3-4 slices of Havarti cheese
~ Pam or choice of cooking spray
~ Panini Press, or go grilled cheese style with no pressing involved – I won’t judge.
Slap ‘er all together, cheese, meat, kale, meat and cheese. Toss ‘er on a hot cast iron skillet sprayed with a little Pam, and Pam-up the panini press that has been heated on a separate element.
This is the Norpro cast iron press that I have. Super handy, not an actual electric press that takes up too much space. This retails for around $20. Just heat ‘er up on a separate element and lay on top of your sammie when you’re ready to grill. 

Pre-grill picture….almost ready…. wait for it…

And boom goes the dynamite! 
Start to finish was 20 minutes. How can you lose? Next time, I’m going for the addition of sweet onions and a little fig jam just to sweeten it up a teensy bit, cause that’s the rebel I am…
Hurry and get on this panini bandwagon, you know you wanna!