Between it being spring time and needing a thorough cleaning and weeding out of the odds, ends and in betweens I have utterly no use for – Ben and I have finally completed the combining of two households worth of stuff to make our own.

Whew – and it is (mostly) done, unpacked, put away, thinned out and filled back in with all of the necessities – determining who had the better loot, who had the worse wears and figuring out what we really needed of who’s stuff.

The lab that was conducting the experiment proving the chaos theory somehow escaped and found it’s way to our apartment.

With all of the sorting through, throwing out, hauling of boxes and mess making, 

a glass of this was much deserved.

But finally we have a semi-put together house with better furniture, multiple sets of dishes, and more towels than anyone would ever hope to use in their lifetime – we are in, and desperately trying to determine what in the world we will register for when the time comes, because geez we have everything! Don’t worry, I like shopping to much – so I’m sure there will be something I can’t possibly live without. I’m not silly.

Out with the old… futon that was from Beka and my years at college. Oh the nights we stayed up to late, fell asleep studying on each of our respective futons, and camped out together enjoying the simple life. Oh, the days.

And now, in with the new…All Ben’s. Boy am I glad I picked a guy with good taste and comfy furniture.

My new spot is there on the left – imagine me as Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory
It’s my spot now. He can’t have it back. 
To answer your question, yes – I’m sitting there now. It’s MINE!