I have a lot of stuff. I live in a one bedroom apartment outside Seattle, with my 80 pound hound, and a lot of stuff.
I did mention that ton of stuff, right?
There must be a way to organize said stuff!
And now, finally I have found it.  After my birthday I was in sore need to throw things away, move things around and push and shoost until it all fit together. 
Ms. Kandace and I stumbled upon this little 9 cubbie holder at Target. Along with the collapsible totes and the woven ones too, it ended up making for a nice little set up. The main goal after all was to throw as much crap out of my cupboards and into the totes as possible so I could free up the precious cabinets for my cast iron, precious dutch oven given to me by Ben over the weekend. I heart this man for listening to my incessant whining and begging for enameled ware. 

I ended up occupying the open spaces with all of my cookbooks, boy are there a lot of them.

And my also prized french press and cookie cutters took up another spot.

My canning supplies tucked away nicely in the heavy duty woven baskets, so there are no worries about them fall out the bottom and breaking my feet. I don’t need to walk around with a bruised foot and a gangster lean. Its a walk that doesn’t really work for girls like me.
Thank goodness for friends who like decorating, color coordinating (the colors are much nicer than the photos let on – darn fluorescent lighting) and helping me organize.
I would drowning in a sea of stuff without her.
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It includes a jar of my homemade Bourbon Apple Butter, Ready to Make Bean Soup, and Ready to Make Cranberry Biscotti.
Tell me what kitchen gadgets you can’t simply live without! Can’t wait to hear your responses, good luck!