Somewhere deep in the heart of Texas, or the Palouse as is my preference, there will be a compound with lots of women, booze, wild and crazy hounds, gardens galore and one big ass kitchen. I mean huge. Expansive. Expensive. Shiny. And homey. With two dish washers just to keep up with the chaos. These women come from all over the US, from Californ-I-A, to the Tundra of Minnesota, auto-mecca Michigan, sprawling Texas, and rattlesnake riddled Arizona. And I adore them all.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves, bi monthly, to send each other gifts and packages that reflect our adoration for the reciever and this month as Jeanne was openly expressing her excitement about sending me my One Kitchen Many Hearts package eye brow raisingly early (not that I complained, I just felt so behind the game!) I knew it must be *squee* worthy. Dang, that woman did not dissapoint.

Upon opening the package a plethora of tags came at me. As soon as I could snag one of them, I gazed upon the glory revealed to me — One hot Logger chick!! Ohhhh if only I had legs like that whilst lumberjacking. Yes, in fact I did compete in logger sports in college. No, I didn’t wear ass-shorts. Mores the pity.

On the back of each tag Jeanne wrote out descriptions for each gift and I swooned with delight.

Chipotle Tabasco – can you say Southern Eggs Benedict? Hollandaise and Chipotle. Be still my heart.

Easter Candies of all kinds!

These were gone shortly after this photo was taken.

And one of my all time favorite Easter treats – Brach’s Jellies. Jeanne, you just get me.

I didn’t get an Easter Basket or package from my mom this year…probably something to do with the fact that I’m 26 and getting married in 4 months – but STILL I so looked forward to that little bag of something festive.

No I’m not harboring some sort of misguided angst about this…why do you ask?

These were savored and enjoyed. And by “savored” I mean “scarfed”. And by “enjoyed” I mean “eaten ravenously like a pack of hyenas over the carcass of a dead zebra in the plains of Africa”. God, I love Easter! *Wait* (internal monologue)…yeah I get what I said there.

Along with the Easter noms, I had bestowed upon me Coconut Coffee. Coconut!! This is no ordinary treat.

Local Honey. This is the second time I’ve received honey from Texas. You guys really must have some happy bees. Like the happy cows of California, Texas has ridiculously happy bees that must make some epic honey. It’s a thing, I swear.

Morton Seasoning Blend – that just like Jeanne said – it goes on EVERYTHING!! It does, really.

And where on Earth? I have yet to find these locally. Guittard, you’re my soul mate. These make an orgasmic mole sauce. Yes, I said orgasmic on the internet that will probably result in this post worming it’s way somewhere it shouldn’t go…

Jeanne thought it was appropriate to gift something of Cleaver-esque proportions – a vintage wheat Pyrex bowl…. AND

THIS. Yes. THIS!! A Vintage Apron!

Either women in the (insert whatever fabulous decade this came from) had smaller chest boulders or I should be thrilled mine barely fit into this hawt piece. Huck felt the need to come inspect. He must have sensed it came from a loving home with another friendly pet. HI Zigg-miester!

This is yet another month that I can confirm – I love these women more and more. And it yields further proof that the blogging community is one big happy family. Just slightly crazy.

Thank you Jeanne, from the bottom of my heart.