OKMH Collage 2013I love OKMH reveal day! Getting to share my absolute adoration of these women with you brings me unequivocal joy. And tired fingers. Have you heard of GroupMe? It’s a smart phone app that basically is like a giant instant group message – and having 7 women on that at any given time of day holding one of 13 conversations simultaneously is the biggest and BEST time suck, EVER.  I can’t get over how much I adore these women. Truly.

This month my favorite Texan and favoritest grandma ever- Jeanne was my OKMH box sender. The boxes that we send to eachother bi-monthly in a round robin fashion are always on theme, this months being Picnic!! How timely, since it’s finally summer everywhere! And its far too hot to stay inside the oven I call an apartment. Stiffling! Jeanne knocked it outta the park in every way. As usual.

Let us start with this condiment caddy. Or condiment picnic table! I mean, honestly how fun!

IMG_3488 IMG_3489 IMG_3490

Every Cleaver needs a gingham table cloth. It is known.


To make sure that fine gingham tablecloth doesn’t meet its demise from Mr. Blowhard McWindgust she mae sure to outfit me with some tablecloth weights. I mean, honestly. Precious just doesn’t cover it.IMG_3496

And a handy dandy napkin holder with – you guessed it, MOAR GINGHAM!


Of course, no picnic is complete without a set of squiggly straws. Need one? I got ya covered.
IMG_3494 Uh, hello! You know me and my love of puns – but these Fish Stix really reeled it in. Get it, reeled? Okay, sorry. Not really.

IMG_3495  Have you seen these napkins before? I always spend five minutes at World Market going through them, and laughing like a lunatic. Jeanne picked out my FAVORITE ones. Best surprise.! IMG_3497 Soemthing tells me that I have a lot of fruity, frozen drinks in my future because 144 tiny umbrellas is an omen that must be fulfilled. Obviously. I think there are some PV’s that must be actioned. IMG_3500 And the piece de restistance. (Ignore my faux French) is this wine caddy!! It’s neoprene, holds two bottles and helps keep them chilled! Jeanne lovingly bestowed this upon me and the girls ahead of the main OKMH box’s arrival, when I was in Austin last month. It was our welcome gift to our lovely condo, along with a freshly baked batch of kolaches from near West, Texas. To say that Jeanne gets me is the understatement of the century. She is leaps and bounds ahead of anyone I know if their generosity and willingness to give everything they have to someone they love. Although the wine didn’t get consumed over the weekend (and it safely made transport back to Seattle), it was so special. I’m pretty sure a couple varieties of sangria in tall glasses with swizzle straws and 5 umbrellas to a glass is going to occur. Soon.  

IMG_3503I’ve said it again and again, these women make my life something extrodinary. We’re so vastly different, but they are so often the first ones I go turn to no matter what comes my way. It’s like we found the key in the time space continum to come together all at the right moment and find eachother. How lucky are we?

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