My family, or at least my dad’s side of it, always spends Memorial Weekend at Williams Lake outside Cheney. It’s just what we do at the beginning and end of almost every summer I can remember since my childhood.  There were a few pesky years in the middle where we had the store and didn’t make the trek, but I think we might be picking up where we all left off, beginning every summer at that lake.

Ben, Huck and I all loaded up the car and headed out to the lake for the one nice day of weather we had over there this weekend. Did I mention the other tradition? – That it rains Every Memorial Day Weekend we go out there. And this is a traditional vacation spot why?! But I digress…

My dad, Ben and I all piled in and headed out on the rented aluminum putter, since there was a minor trailer catastrophe with the other boat on the haul over, and we found our fishing spot. Within 15 minutes we were catchin’ fish!

See the happy kids in the candy store? Yeah, we did good!!

And dang it if those weren’t some slippery trout – we had to keep a death grip on each one so they wouldn’t flop right back outta the boat… which mine nearly did.

We limited out in less than 3 hours, then came back and cleaned ’em up…well Ben did most of that. I hate hate HATE the fish guts thing. I wanted to be a vet? YES. But those were Fish guts…there is a difference between those and real animals.

And after all was cut and cleaned – look what it turned into.
Fried trout covered in a smoked gouda sauce with bacon and chives. Yeah – I went there.