Okay, so he’s not quite 30 – he’s 27, but I still couldn’t help but give him a jab or two about getting older. I’ve got the license to do it, I’m his girlfriend after all.

After the tragedy of the hot water heater going out yesterday morning, I had to vacate the apartment for the maintenance guys and go explore town, and take care of all the errands that have elluded the checks on my To-Do list. And even after the guys were done working on the hot water heater, I came back to get on with my day, wrapping Ben’s gifts and decorating his cake. But alas, the maintenance guys locked me out!!

I was utterly stranded. So I had a few extra hours to kill, so I sat in my car reading a book, hanging with the hound and incessantly calling Ben to have vent how upset I was at those maintence guys who couldn’t listen to the simple directions. Good thing he works out of cell phone range, so he didn’t pick up any of those calls until the last one.

When Ben came home early to let me in again, I was hours behind my projected decorating and cooking schedule. But I got to work!

I made homemade yellow cake with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting – Amazing. I finally finished decroating the whole cake with pretty girly flowers and got even more behind on the dinner fixin’ schedule. But look how cute it turned out!

And a man’s birthday dinner is not complete without a slab of meat on the plate. Thank goodness Ben took care of this part, cause that cake took me a little longer than expected.

Of course while the meat carving was going on, there was a hungry hound who was intenetly focused and trying to will the meat into falling onto the ground. Sadly, his efforts were not fulfilled.

So when it all came together, it was delicious. Meat on a plate with supreme baked potatoe mashers and beer – how can you lose? Not a bad (Almost) 30th B-day.