Planning out my recipe creations, time management, and some days – just being too lazy and exhausted are my weakness. It happens. No big deal. But between the main job, the other job, and attempting to mold this country-esque June Cleaver persona (*laughs to self*) – I’m plum tuckered out.

But instead of me wallowing or complaining – which I’m not – I wanted to share some of the most drool inducing and sinful food I’ve found on the internet machine as of late.

Chocolate Guinness Goodness from Sprinkles Bakes

I mean, really? Guinness in a cup, and topped with cream. I’ll take 7 and then someone to roll me off of my ass and onto a treadmill.

Crab Guacamole from Recipe Girl

There are no words other than a resounding, “YES, Please!” coming from my lips at this very moment.

Apple Brie and Walnut Tart by Darjeeling Dreams

Stopped dead in my tracks. With a wheel of brie and lovely Opal apples at my disposal, this baby is totally on my list for this weekend. Like, for cereal.

Turkey Cranberry Monte Cristo by Paula Deen

Is it weird that in February I’d be willing to bake a whole turkey just so I can make this one sammich? Okay good, because it looks ri-donk. Of course, I’ll tone it down a bit, because 3 sticks of butter for one sammie isn’t quite in the cards for me and I don’t have stock in Victoza. Sorry – Paula Deen jokes, too soon? Lovsies you Aunt Paula.

Pumpkin Creme Cannoli from Lauren’s Latest

For months (Months, I say!) I’ve been staring at these and was so worried about getting burned out on pumpkin that I put these on the back burner. But now – they’re popping up in my head again like a song on repeat. Red Solo Cup has been my “stuck-in-my-head-like-a-gum-stuck-to-my-shoe” song for weeks now. Must. Make. These.

Red Wine and Chocolate Cake from Sarah Keifer of Vanilla Bean Blog

As I sit here with a glass of wine in my hand, I couldn’t help but be floored by this creation. And as a member of the estrogen-nation I am a firm believer in the powers of chocolate in any form. Yes, it can! I would vote this baby into high office!

Brown Butter Ice Cream from Jessica of The Novice Chef Blog

*Stares blankly ahead at this screen unable to form coherent sentences or words*

Browned butter is a gift form the gods wrapped up in a pretty caramel colored bow. And Jess decided to sprinkle a semi-truck’s worth of fairy dust over the whole damn thing and turn it into ice cream. What a horrible (awesome) person she is (who is making me fat just by looking at this picture.)

Baked Avocado Fries from More Than Mary

And lastly, how could I not include another “wanna be fry” recipe – using green veggies. I might have made some out of asparagus, but avocado? Be still my heart. Somehow I don’t think I’ll mind getting the itchy allergy mouth reaction from a boat load of these babies. Accio, avocado fries!! Damn you Harry Potter, why don’t your spells work?!

Tell me – What recipes have you found and been dying to try? 

*All pictures are borrowed directly from the bloggers/photographers sites. Aren’t they freakin’ awesome. Credit given where it is due. If you see anything out of place, please let me know!*