How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream -

Now sure, I’ve been known to go spoon deep in a frozen tub of Cool Whip, or spray a can of the aerosoled stuff straight into my face with blatant disregard for ladylike qualities – it’s highly over rated sometimes – but making your own whipped cream totally bumps the classiness of your dessert up a notch. Or two. And it’s just as good to eat straight out of the bowl – guilty! There are no heroes here. But there are a few tricks to make your whipped cream stand tall and proud. Whipped cream can be proud, can’t it?

Whipping Cream vs. Heavy Whipping Cream

Yes, there is a difference! I used to stand in front of the dairy shelves wondering what diff was and scratched my head and just picked the heavy because well, it must have been better? But there is a diff and depending on what you want to do with your whipped cream, one or the other is better.

Standard whipping cream comes in at 30% fat. It’s perfect for topping pies or fruit and adding into your creamy soups.

Heavy whipping cream registers between36-40% fat (or more) and when whipped creates a much stiffer foam, which is great for piping onto cakes, or anything else that needs a heftier cream that will stay put for longer periods of time.

So you can strut down the dairy aisle with confidence and pick which ever works best for what you need! Whip away!

How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream -

Making Your Whipped Cream

Set your mixer up with a whisk attachment and add in your desired amount of whipping or heavy whipping cream into the bowl. Personally, I usually go with the heavy whipping cream because I need a foam that holds up for longer periods of time.

*Side note* If you’re totally going die hard and are looking to give yourself your own set of Michelle Obama arms, by all means use a hand whisk to do this job. I dare you. It’s equally parts killer and awesome.

How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream -

With the mixer starting at low, I work my way up to medium speed gradually and let the air start to incorporate into the cream.

How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream -

The more air that gets incorporated the fluffier the cream gets.


How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream - After about a minute or so on medium, soft peaks will begin to form.

Soft peaks will start to droop rather quickly, so get back to whipping!

How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream -

After about another 30-45 seconds on medium stiffer peaks will start to form.

In this last 30-45 seconds, start to sweeten your whipped cream by slowly pouring in your desired amount of sugar or powdered sugar and flavoring, like vanilla. For the 1/2 cup of cream I used in this recipe, I used about a tablespoon of sugar. It wasn’t too sweet, but sweetness is all about personal preference.

Gimme some Sugar

You can go lots of ways with sweetening your whipped cream. Superfine sugar is probably the most popular, because it mixes in and dissolves quickly. But since it’s not a kitchen staple normal people (most “normal” people – food bloggers are not normal) keep on hand, I have used standard white sugar and suffered no ill-effects because of it.

Powdered Sugar also works, it dissolves immediately and can even add a little structure to the whipped cream that standard sugars don’t.

Adding which ever white sugar you want, its entirely up to you. I have not attempted whipped creams with agave nectars or liquid sweeteners, but hey, it could be worth a shot.

It’s perfectly okay to stop your mixer and test your whipped cream to see how it’s holding up. When the stiffer peaks start to form, and they don’t immediately fall, you’re done. How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream -

The key is knowing and learning when your stiff peaks are just the right consistency so they don’t fall or they don’t get over mixed. As soon as the cream starts to look “curdled” and slightly lumpy, stop immediately.

Overbeating whipping creams causes the water molecules to start to separate from the cream and then you will end up with BUTTER! No joke. And butter in lieu of whipped cream is no bueno.

So go forth and make your own whipped cream. It’s a couple of minutes out of you day, but the end results is impressive no matter what.

How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream -

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How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream -

This is how to make whipped cream – and it’s a trick you won’t forget!