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Yesterday’s recipe for the World’s BEST Coffee Cake wasn’t just the world’s best because it makes one amazing and unforgettable coffee cake. But because it makes TWO unforgettable coffee cakes! But if you’re not up to devouring that much cake in one sitting – that’s okay we can still be friends – bake one now and freeze one for later! Here’s how!

How to Freeze Pies and Cakes

When you’re freezing unbaked cakes and breads, freezing them in freezer-to-oven safe dishes is a must. Porcelain or stoneware pans suffer from shock when a rapid change in heat heats up and can shatter in the oven! No bueno! So metal works best for freezer-to-oven dishes. In yesterday’s World’s Best Coffee Cake recipe, I made one of the cakes – the one I would bake immediately – in a porcelain dish, and the other into a non-stick 9″ cake pan.

How to Freeze Pies and Cakes

To protect the cake from freezer burn, I wrap it twice with plastic cling wrap. Plastic is permeable, so protecting it with a double layer will help keep a little additional air from circulating around the cake.

How to Freeze Pies and Cakes

Next, with heavy duty foil, wrap the tin again and crimp the edges all around to make as air tight of seal as possible.

How to Freeze Pies and Cakes

On top, use a permanent marker and write down the recipe, the date you made it, and a couple of basic baking instructions. In this case – the World’s Best Coffee Cake, bakes great right out of the freezer! Preheat your oven to 350, unwrap your cake and bake an additional 15-20 minutes, in this case it’s a 40-45 minute bake time instead of the ready-to-bake-from-the-bowl time of 25-30 minutes.

That’s it! It’s really easy – and you can apply this technique to nearly any pie you make! It’s always nice to have a frozen pie on hand for emergency entertaining. And when isn’t a coffee cake a good idea?

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