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We are really getting back to basics today – but that’s not a bad thing. How many times have you taken an egg cracking one hit too far and ended up with a shelly, crackled, crumpled and – oh my gawdddd a broken yolked mess? *Raises hand* Too many times to count.

I feel like an egg cracking reformer. I used to be a side-of-the-bowl egg cracker and how many times I have had to fish pieces of shell out of the egg out of the mix was astounding. You know those “how many years do you spend in the folding laundry” surveys, I’m pretty 3.79 months of my life have been spent fishing egg shells out of cracked eggs. Inevitably I’d end up puncturing the yolk and then the shell piece that reduced me to a bobbing for egg shells… ridiculous!

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The big problem with cracking eggs on the side of the bowl is that it forces the cracked shell into the egg whites, fracturing them and lodging them in there for you to dig through when they hit the bowl. Boo!! A score of 2.39 from the French judge! Go sit in the corner. How to Crack and Separate the Perfect Egg - 4But when you crack your eggs on the counter top instead there are no shells shoved into places they don’t belong, and the membrane inside the egg is left in tact so you don’t run the risk of puncturing your egg yolks, too.

We’re half way to a perfectly separated egg. The German Judge score? 6.32!
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Next is separating the egg yolks from the egg whites – furthering the great debate over shell separating or hand separating. Growing up my mom taught me to separate using the egg shell technique. It worked well enough, but if you don’t crack a clean shell, the jagged eggs tear at and mangle the egg whites. The more you toss the eggs back and forth to separate the whites and yolk the odds are higher you’re going to end up puncturing your yolks and rendering your efforts and your egg useless!

So Mom, I’m sorry to say – I have strayed from your egg-separating ways. But it was for the best. Once I got over the slippery-eggs-on-my-hands feeling. I know, squidgey.

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The eggs in your hands technique means no jagged shell edges to cut your whites and yolks on and the weight of the egg whites helps separate the yolks from the whites on their own – making your job a whole lot easier.

So test out these theories and see what works best for you. You might be surprised what you find.

Of course there are also neato little tools out there to help with this process – but why spend an extra $5 when you have two perfectly good egg separating tools attached right to you. WIN and WIN!

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