God bless the internets. I mean seriously, half of my wedding ideas have sprung from Pinterest and half my food concoctions have sprung from variations of food fabulous around the various blogs I peruse everyday. How can you not be inspired?
Have I lost all of my creative credibility to you now? It’s okay, you can tell – I can handle it. *sniff*
Moving on.
Homemade butterfinger bars are so easy – you just need three ingredients including all that leftover candy corn!

Dish Count :: 2 Bowls, 1 SpatulaBetween Pinterest and the other bloggy pages I’ve been reading, I stumbled onto these crunchy peanut-buttery gooey delights. They’re flippin’ everywhere on the blogosphere! And what better way to use up the candy corn in your cupboards that Just. Won’t. Disappear!

 But since I’m not entirely sure as to which exact site came up with these – but I’ll attribute it to Kirsten from Comfortably Domestic since she’s kinda awesome like that and she’s my first encounter with them.
Hiya Kirsten, how’s it going?! Pied out? Hang in there, I’ll blow your mind later this week with a Nutella Pecan Pie creation…
For Kirsten, who’s got five bodies of he-man testosterone running through her house, she’s got to keep her sanity some how. Sugar is her answer. But between son #1-4, one of their beautiful little ripped-jean-and-muddy-hand-printed-souls has a raging peanut allergy. To combat all things peanut she whipped out a batch of these beauties with Sunbutter so that he could partake in the faux peanut madness.
The recipe is easy enough, three ingredients, melt, pour, chill, dip in chocolate and devour.
So, I went ahead and made the allergy inducing real peanut version this weekend. Hooray, sin!
For this sugar-coma (in a good way) recipe, include :
~ 1 pound Candy Corn
~ 1 1/2 cups Peanut Butter
(I used two cups like I’d seen on other sites, they were far too soft – stick with 1 1/2 c.)
~ 12 ounces, Dark Chocolate Candy Melts
(found at your local craft shop – I use Wilton, they were on sale Buy 2 Get One Free**)
In a microwave safe bowl I start melting the candies for one minutes, then stirring them between 20 second intervals until they were all melted.
Once they were HOT and gooey, they were quickly stirred together with until evenly incorporated into the peanut butter.
*Sidebar*- I would recommend having your peanut butter already measured out and ready to go. The candies start to harden again quickly, so mix ’em while it’s hot.
The candies started to harden and that’s when I realized that the extra crunchy bits are just like the hardened bits in the commercial version of this delight.
After they were melted and combined, it was poured into a 9×9 baking dish lined with foil. The last thing before dipping was to chill them for an hour and cut them into 1 x 2 inch rectangles.
1 x 2 seemed like Fun Size bars.
Though I will never ever understand how something like candy is more “fun” when it’s small than when it’s MONDO. Silliness, I tell you. If I am going to go down the road of chocolate covered awesomeness, I want it to be huge, not able to be choked down in two measly bites. Puh-leazz.
Sorry, ran off the rails there for a minute. Now I’m back.
To melt the dark chocolate, I set it a metal bowl over a small simming pot of hot water to create a mock double boiler. How I long to register for Ben and my wedding – a real double boiler is totally going on the list.
The biggest thing to remember with melting chocolate is to not heat it too much or too fast. I’ve scorched many a melted chocolate pots because of this. And once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. So tread carefully.
Each bar was dipped, rolled and tapped of excess chocolate then laid daintily onto a layer of foil on the counter to rest and chill out. One might have disappeared mid-cooling. Why lie.
But there you have it – homemade Butterfingers in a whopping 30 minutes. Genius!!
Now go forth, and rid yourself of all that excess candy. And go run a mile to burn off all the sugar.
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3-Ingredient Homemade Butterfinger bars!! Made with leftover Candy Corn from #Halloween!