Are you tired of me yapping about the ATK dinner party yet? I know, I know. Now that it’s finally out there in the big wide world of the internets, I’ll move on and start talking about something else. 
Like food, my dog, and my new hair color that makes me feel positively Duchess Kate-ish.
Though I don’t think she’d be one to point and snap at a camera. She’s too classy for that. I however, am not. 
And me talking about food and my dog is nothing new either…oh well. You’re here, so you must like me enough. 
Later this week I’ll be doing a couple of new recipes.
Here are a couple of picture previews to keep you drooling, hungry and coming back for more.
Red Chili and Olive Oil Pumpkin Seeds

Tomato and Basil Soup 
(You’ll read about why I had so many tomatoes if you tune into ATK Feed today for my dinner party post)
And on Friday I’ll be guesting over at Comfortably Domestic for Pie Week**! There’s always room for pie. Is pie just a sexy food or is that just me? Something about tender crust, baked decadence and whipped cream? 
Mmmm…Food lust. I lust for pie. 
I will be making an absolutely sinful and indeed sexy creation involving Nutella with the other half of the Nutella jar in my house that I haven’t managed to devour with a spoon. Why lie, that jar is lucky it’s made it this long. 
Now I leave you, hunger pangs and all with a link to my ATK dinner party post. Go forth and be hungry. I give you permission.