Happy Thanksgiving to All!

With this last week, my life has become quite hectic, not allowing me as much time to blog as I otherwise would but I realize that is okay.

This is the perfect time of year to reflect on all of the things we have and all of the people, memories and blessings we have in our lives. The material things are nice, but it’s the little things we can truely appreciate.  So for this, I wanted to make a little list of the things I’m thankful for…

~ My best friends, the ones I see frequently and the ones that I don’t get to see – none of them are ever far from my thoughts.

~ My family, the crazy, wacky, dysfuntional yahoos – but they’re allllll mine!

~ My Kitchen Aid mixer, the outlet to my stress and creator of all my baked goods.

~ The health my family has been blessed with.

~ Huckleberry, my gooby obnoxious overly-exhuberant hound dog that would leave me without a cuddle buddy. My dude.

~ Beka, my “wife”. We’ve been besties for almost 7 years now and although she’s married and I’ve got Ben – we’ve been together almost long enough to constitute a common law marriage. I’m almost proud that I’ve been able to put up with someone that long, and there is NO chance she’s going Anywhere, we’re stuck togehter.

~Ben – He’s given me the most unconditional love I could ever ask for. He’s quiet but goofy, makes me laugh, puts up with me and my neurosis, and makes the world better with just a hug.

~ My parents – the four of them are truely amazing people. Each one has given me a different perspective, a different outlook, new ideas, and support in each stage of my life. For each one of them has been a blessing and made me a more well rounded and balanced person…(balanced, I chuckle)

~Sara – The cowgirl, firefighter, ISP-wannabe, and general “badass” who has the most amazing sense of faith and loyalty to those close to her, I don’t know where I would be without her as my outlet.

~ Kandace – One of my closest friends who just gets me. My baking buddy and weekly dinner dat
e partner. She’s provided me with such perspective, such hilarity, and more magazines on my coffee table than I can conceivabley get through.

~ My grandparents – those who are here and the ones who have passed, but who’s memories live on. They touched my life in such a way that only grandparents can. I only wish they could still be here so I could learn from them, learn more about them, and share in all of the joys in life.

~ The Job – yeah, in a time like this I could never be more thankful and blessed for the job I have. I realize that there are so many who go without this year. There are wonderful people I work with, who make the daily trudge not only bearable, but at times just plain fun.

~ A Warm bed and a roof over my head. – Again with so many going without, I have been given this. It may not be grand (a 1-bedroom apartment), but it is home for me and Huck. I couldn’t ask for more.

~ My cast iron cookware – from Ben who smiles and nods whenever I point out a new cooking gadget out at the store and roll his eyes, but he loves me anyway and feeds my neurotic brain and craving for all the fun kitchen stuff. He always wins in the end since I cook for him constantly.

~ You – There may not be many who read this here blog, but for the ones who do, I’m eternally thankful for you putting up with me. This blog has been such a wonderful outlet, and I’m beyond thankful that you continute stopping by, even if it is only to ever laugh at my foibles and my goofy hound-dog.

So, in closing,  I’m so thankful this year for everything that has been brought my way. Many blessings to you and yours and hopes that this will continue through the holiday season and all year round.