Friday, Friday – gotta get down it’s FRIDAY! Everybody’s ready for the weekend, weekend!

Okay, perhaps singing this to you all was slightly misguided but that ear-worm wreck of a song has been stuck in my head all morning and it only deserves to be shared around – or inflicted on others so I’m not the only one shaking and pounding my head so that this gets. out. of. my. head!

In other news. I have a friend in town. You may know her. Table for Two? Ring a bell? Of course it does. She’s in Seattle for what we have dubbed “Fat Pants Weekend” – like Debby Does Dallas, but with food, and no bad 70’s music montages and unsavory activities of any kind… We’re just a couple of girls eating our way through two ridiculous foodie towns. Today roadtrip to Portlandia. *Put a bird on it*.

And we’ll be chronicling our adventures on Insta-Tweets – so be sure to follow all the chaos, I mean gluttony, I mean – fatness this weekend on Instagram.

If this…

Or this,

is any indication of how our weekend started – inject some Victoza in yourself now, cause it’s gonna get all sorts of real up in here.

Speaking of following me on Instagram, if you do already you’ve probably seen the {Product Pimp of the Day} series where I take pictures of the stuff I use, make up, kitchen tools and appliances that I use in my daily life because well – I simply adore them?

Things like this…

NP Set – Available at Target – Killer Eye Primer.

Maybelline EyeStudio Eye Shadow in Copper Chic – also available at Target – I bought this as an emergency “OMG, I left my eyeshadow at home” move, and was blown away at the results. Killer pigments and wear.

And don’t worry – I’m Product Pimping tons of other stuff too. So if you’re looking for cool new crap, make sure to tag along. Or suggest some other stuff I should try.

And if there was anything else I could product pimp it would be THIS.

A roast turkey at Thanksgiving would be the luckiest bird in the world if it meant he got to be cooked in THAT. Just sayin’.

And for one parting gift – let me just say – I love Tom Hanks. Even more now.

Worst night to be drunk EVER.