I have news? Yes, I do! I have news, how ’bout you?! *Cheers!* Yes, my coffee cup is very full right now.
Exciting News on Country Cleaver!! Yes, I have news! For food bloggers, there are two types of news that come up – either we announce we are pregnant (which I’m not), or that we have a cookbook. And since I am not pregnant, unless you want to count the food baby I have from this morning’s carb overload of a bagel and cream cheese, it looks like I can break the news that I am, indeed, writing a cookbook!

And immediately renewing my gym membership. 
Exciting News on Country Cleaver!!

In the spring of 2017, start keeping your eye out on the shelves of your favorite local book retailer, Amazon, and HERE on the blog, because my new book will hitting the streets then. I will of course, keep you up to date on all the progress as you, me, and we navigate this new adventure of cook booking.

As you all know, cast iron cooking is a deep seeded passion of mine. I want to demystify the whole notion that cast iron is intimidating and hard to learn. It’s my favorite way to cook, and so this cookbook will be taking my deep love of cast iron and bringing it up a notch. We’re taking the traditional cast iron and making it elevated.
Exciting News on Country Cleaver!!

I want to make cast iron the go-to pan for everyone, making it the most valuable tool in your kitchen, and removing the idea that it’s only good for bacon (which it is), and showing you that you can do EVERYTHING in it.

The book will include chapters for One Pot Meals, 30 Minutes or Less, Breads, and naturally – Desserts. You know I love desserts in cast iron. Tell me a piping hot brownie in a skillet isn’t the most sinfully amazing thing you will ever be served.

So, as I navigate this uncharted territory – please bear with me. I’m still here, cooking feverishly and fervently to bring you new and exciting recipes. In the mean time, be sure to subscribe to my blog through email so you can get the newest stuff right in your inbox – and you automatically get a copy of my e-cookbook, with 15 Recipes in 30 minutes or less.

Keep cooking, keep visiting, and get ready friends – I’m so pleased you will be joining me on this adventure. I can’t wait to show you what is next!!

And if I haven’t said it lately, GAWD I LOVE YA!!
Exciting News on Country Cleaver!!