This is so easy and so completely addicting it should be illegal. After a really bad day a couple months ago, Ms. Kandace came over for our nearly-weekly-dinner-date. She knew this would make me feel better from whatever stresses I had incurred that day, it was a ridiculously easy fix for a food driven girl such as myself.

A glass of wine, this dip and a carton of strawberries later and I was in heaven! It’s wonderful how close to heaven you can get with five spare minutes and two measly ingredients.

This was the center of everyone’s feasting at book club last night where we stuffed our faces whilst pouring over the so-hard-to-start-but-great-once-you-get-into-it book The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It’s not exactly light and cheery reading…but whatever  floats your boat.

For your (Extremely Long) Grocery List you’ll need…
~1 jar of Marshmallow Cream  – or two cups of fluff
~ 1 brick of cream cheese (But of course I had the Costco Jumbo Tub)

I thought that it would be easy enough to whip up with my whisk, but my cream cheese hadn’t soften quite enough. So, if you got it, use a hand mixer or a stand mixer for quick doins.

Whip, whip, WOO!!!

Dump in a bowl, serve with strawberries…or if you’re like me and the girls – just dig in with a spoon. Don’t try to be a hero.

I placed this recipe on Tasty Kitchen under the name Cream Cheese Fruit Crack Dip. It’s already got a few responses as something people have made for years, I was amazed it wasn’t up there yet. But one variation added a little maraschino cherry juice for a little tinge of pink and something else sweet. And another added 1/2 tsp of nutmeg and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon! Ohhh the possibilities are endless! 
Serve up and enjoy!