On a drizzly day earlier this year I played the role of tour guide to some friends from out of town. We ate seafood to our hearts, drank local beer, and felt our jeans shrink a size in a few short hours. Today, feeling slightly nostalgic and needing good food, it was only appropriate to whip up our favorite dish of the day in Seattle – Crab Benedict.

A couple of days ago one of Beka and my “third 3rd roommates” from college came home from the San Juans with a hefty dose of crab for us. What a guy! With two crabs to split between Ben and I, we were busting at the seams somewhere between delicious nirvana and gluttony. A half of a crab did remain, and so it was shelled and kept for tonight’s dinner. 
Eggs Benedict is notoriously fattening, but sans hollandaise it’s really not quite so bad. Calculating it all out for my Weight Watchers plan gave me a whole serving of Crab Bennie for only 6 points! What up, weight loss? 
Here are the tricks for the perfect Eggs Bennie. 
I used a double fiber whole wheat english muffin for this bad boy. 120 calories and 8 grams of fiber, hello. The addition of extra greens, like a handful of spinach definitely took away a boat load of guilt and added zero, ziltch, nada in extra points. Score!
 Two ounces of lump crab meat was needed for each bennie, so a quick steam to reheat and they were gently laid upon the bed of greens ready for me to devour. 
The hollandaise was probably the most intimidating part. Sure there’s the easy road – hollandaise in a packet, and no I’m not judging. Feeling adventurous and daring, I set out to find a perfectly creamy and dreamily yellow hollandaise to make in a snap. Where does one turn for the perfect hollandaise recipe? PW, of course. Five minutes and done.
Then for the poached egg, I simmered a deep skillet full of water and added 2 tablespoons of vinegar to it. The vinegar is key. The pH of the water is changed and facilitates in keeping the egg whites together in the bath. Who wants frayed whites? No one, that’s who!
Three minutes bathing in simmering water resulted in gently whitened whites and a buttery yolk ready to seep into each nook and cranny of the english muffin and slather itself over the spinach. 
Two tablespoons of, as Ben calls it, “Holiday Sauce” and we were off to the races. Lawdy help me. 
This was a 25 minute meal, perfect for two. 6 points to boot and zero guilt. All equalling Megan being 2 sizes down. 
Quite the mathematician am I!