I have a cupcake book from the Primrose Bakery, and gosh do they have some wonderful combinations of cupcakes!! This week’s selection is a Raspberry cupcake with a white chocolate buttercream frosting…. Ooooiiieee!!
I changed the frosting recipe a bit when their directions seemed a bit off – to my untrained eye. And when they tell me to add some of one frosting recipe to make another, I get a little crunched for time, and impatient, so I just went with what I felt like. A bit of a mistake.

Too much extra powdered sugar needed to be added to thicken the entire thing up, and the white chocolate didn’t stay melted to mix in properly enough. It was pretty smooth all in all, but made you pucker from sweetness. But it’s frosting!!! So I got over it.

Did I also mention that these cupcakes were filled with jam? Oh yes, raspberry jam. (Seedless I might add, cause who needs seeds in cupcakes?)

It makes for a bit of a fun surprise.

And here are some of the final products. It gave me a chance to use all of those frosting tips purchased for that cake decorating class o’ mine.

Those things are piled High in sugary goodness.

But after all the fun and games, let’s not forget that there will be a mess afterwards…Ben asked if he could have helped – I should taken him up on This part of it!!