Save some room for your favorite doughnuts! Today is National Doughnut Day, so break out your best Homer Simpson impression and grab something baked, fried or sprinkled to celebrate!

Are there whispers and hushed tones floating around your office today? There sure have been around mine, and when you see 15 grown men getting positively giddy about doughnuts, I mean, c’mon this is just prime time comedy. The debates going about what doughnuts are best, and “is there really a holiday for doughnuts?!” and then of course, as it always seems to happen, “What doughnuts is Megan going to make us?!”, and “Oooo how about those Crunchnuts!”… Face. Palm.

Personally, I think CRONUTS sound much more appealing. Engineers…. *sigh*.

Since I am failing those poor men so miserably today and not bringing them fresh fried homemade doughnuts, I decided I should share all my favorites with YOU instead! I like you all more than my engineers. Lucky you.  Be sure to grab your favorite fresh fried and glazed treat to day. This is definitely a holiday worth celebrating!

Authentic Beignets with Raspberry Sauce

Homemade Raspberry Beignets

Blueberry Lemon Baked Doughnuts 

Blueberry Lemon Doughnuts -

Vanilla Bean Cronuts – Croissant Doughnuts for Tasty Kitchen


Baked Salted Caramel Doughnuts 4

Baked Salted Caramel Chocolate Doughnuts

Homemade Boston Cream Doughnuts with Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream

Bismark Doughnut with Homemade Pastry Cream -

Baked Apple Fritters with Whiskey Glaze

Baked Apple Fritters with Whiskey Glaze -

Chocolate Stout Maple Bars

Chocolate Stout Maple Bars

Cranberry Orange Baked Donut

Cranberry Orange Donuts -

Gingerbread Coffee Baked Donut

Gingerbread Coffee Baked Donuts -

Caramel Banana Campfire Doughnut Breakfast

Caramel Bananas and Doughnuts

Your FAVORITE Doughnuts can be made at home! Find out how to make doughnuts better than the bakery! -