Today is my first full day in DC and dang did we start it off right! From sticky buns from aptly named Best Buns in Shirlington to a trip to Arlington Cemetery and a walk on the National Mall today has been a splendid day. Also, it being something to celebrate since it is Sara’s birthday… Happy Birthday Sunshine!

After a restful nights sleep, a large coffee (with a sticky bun on the side) in the morning and a trip to the dog park for Sophie, we were off to the cemetery. I acknowledge that it is weird of me to say that I was excited to go to a cemetery of all places, but this one of being such hollowed and sacred grounds, it was an important hommage to honor those who have fallen.

It was an emotional trying excursion, but one that was well worth it. We saw incredible sites, memorials, and traditions that have stood the test of time.

A view from Arlington House over the cemetery, the GW Memorial Bridge and the Lincoln Memorial.
A recently buried wife of a solider. The grass has not yet grown and the flowers have not yet wilted.
A tomb at Secton 31, row 12, number 42.
Here Rests In Honored Glory An American Solider Known But to God.
A crowd awaiting the changing of the guard. Silent and solemn.
Steady Hands. 
Changing of the Guard.
Standing Firm.
21 second walk.
Not Flinching.
This was a somber, solemn tradition to witness. But it is something worth seeing and taking in – to make it apart of who you are as an American. It is enriching.  
I’m so beyond glad this was part of our adventure in DC, and that I got to share it with my bestie.