5 Need to Know Tips for the PERFECT StitchFix - homemadehome.com I'm SO Using these for my next Fix!!  YAY!

I’ve figured it out – and that is a good and a bad thing. To me, it’s a GREAT thing. My husband, like all husband’s do, think me figuring out the secret to the perfect Stitchfix is a bad thing. But it doesn’t mean I’m spending more money than needed – I’m SAVING money! Trust me. See my five tips for my perfect StitchFix fix! Skies are Blue – Karla Textured Shorts – Total Keepers
5 Tips for the Perfect StitchFix Fix - I'm SO Using these tips for my next fix!!

How To Get the Perfect Fix Tip 1 – Link you Pinterest Style Board! 

I have linked my Pinterest My Style board to my StitchFix profile.  I have 340 pins for my stylist, Amelia, to peek at and figure out my style. It’s everything from uber girly that I only dream I could wear on a daily basis, to the style I would really wear on a daily basis!

The more you add, the more your stylist will get to know you!


Pixley – Lucia Embroidered V-Neck Jersey Top – Kept It.

Admittedly it wasn’t my favorite, but I will tell you why I kept it in a hot second! 

How To Get the Perfect Fix Tip 2 – Keep it all!

Yes, I said keep it all! Keep it all and get that 25% discount!

You have my permission. I was doing the math on my latest fixes, and when I itemized all my individual pieces and added them up, I thought “well, I’ll just keep four items and get rid of the fifth”. But here is the the thing – why get rid of the fifth item you might not have loved when if you keep it all you get a 25% discount?! That fifth item just paid for itself! Keep it and maximize your savings.

And if you know how I felt about that gingham shirt in my last fix – the most I was “meh” about – well, it ended up being one of my favorites! Glad I kept it all!


Ark n Co – Lucas Hi-Lo Embroidered Sleeveless Top – Keeper

How To Get the Perfect Fix Tip 3 – Be Specific!

One thing I hear all the time from my blog friends about their fixes is that the didn’t get one thing they liked! BUMMER! I found that spelling it out in my StitchFix comments made all the difference in the world. I got three dresses in three fixes – and that was MORE than enough for a girl that works in construction, let’s be real. So I specified with Amelia, “no more dresses”, and boom, no more dresses.

I had so many flowy tops, too! Ask, and you shall receive! My last fix got me this fitted blue beauty! Look how happy it makes me!


Loveappella – Michelle Cross Back Knit Top – Keeper!

How To Get the Perfect Fix Tip 4 – Maximize your Referral

The more you love your Stitchfix, and the more you wear your loot – the more people will notice! And tell them where you got it! I always have my referral handy. Keep it on a note on your phone to text your friends if they ask, or email it to that lovely lady who stopped you at the salon and asked you where you got your purse! True story! (It’s the purse in the photo below)

Talk about it, and when they sign up for their first Fix, that’s $25 in your account to save you money.

Make it rain your referral code. There is no shame in that game.


Mode Luxe – Selma Fringe Trim Tote – My favorite purse EVER. Seriously.

How To Get the Perfect Fix Tip 5 – Keep or Kick Your Stylist

This is my favorite tip of them all. Or maybe I’m biased. But, if you are lucky enough to find the perfect stylist like I did, Amelia, than keep requesting her in your comments for your next fix! The minds behind StitchFix work really had to give you everything that fits your style, but sometimes the chemistry isn’t there – and it’s okay to try a new stylist. Don’t give up. Just like the right guy, the right high heeled shoes, and the right non-fattening chocolate bar are out there for you!

If you love her, never let her go. Hi Amelia, girlfriend – you’re the BEST!! You’re not going anywhere!

So there you go! Go forth and Stitchfix ladies! I’m not one for adventure, or malls, or spending money that is unnecessary. But Stitchfix has got me out of my style comfort zone, kept me away form terrifying malls, and saved me money and oodles of time. With these tricks you will surely get your perfect fix.

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5 Need to Know Tips for the PERFECT StitchFix - homemadehome.com I'm SO Using these for my next Fix!!  YAY!


*Fine Print* – All of my fixes are paid for by me, myself, and I. I do get a small referral that helps cover some of the costs. I was not compensated for this. I just effin’ love StitchFix! Refferal links included.