I feel a little tardy to the party since I am just now getting around to gabbing about my 4th of July weekend. But, in all actuality the lack of writing for a few days over the extended weekend was a much needed recharge to get me back into the swing of life, cooking and writing. Initially, I feared (and somewhat loathed) the idea of not cooking for an entire weekend – but now, I’m so glad my parents put me on a kitchen cleanse and cooking moratorium. For once, I actually sat back had a few drinks brought to me and rested on my laurels enjoying the sun and sound of the beach. All of those pesky chakras are back in line.
There were whole shrimps galore, fixed up in the most indescribable way, simmered in butter, spices and sauce that was otherworldly. 

I’m not in any sense of the word, a shellfish person. The texture can go from divine to disaster in 15 seconds of overcooking flat, so I just steer clear. But these! Oh my gosh, These were fit for kings – I had 5. For a girl like me, that’s a mountain for shrimp. 
These little beauties went nicely with a Firefly and an Arnold Palmer. Seriously, this Firefly vodka has changed my life. I require this in Seattle.

While we were all voraciously devouring the shrimp and mopping up the sauces with huge hunks of crusty carbs the hound dog decided he’d had enough of our boringness and hit up the water for some swimmy-action. He’s a water dog afterall. If you don’t see him for 10 minutes, check the water.

It’s amazing to me how a dog like him can move at all with all that extra skin he’s got to roll around in. Skin should not move that way…

Even as the day grew to a close my little adorable nephew was still goin’ strong. Even Huck was exhaused, but JJ just kept going. At nearly three, he’ll put the Energizer bunny to shame.

Watching him and Ben together was quite possibly the most Aww-inducing sight of the whole weekend. We don’t hang out with too many people with small fry, but when we do my uterus just give me a (not so) polite punch in the gut to remind me that she’s got a job to do and at 25, I’m really slackin’ here. 

Watching those two just sent my uter into over drive, but I kindly reminded her that there is still a few more years she’s got to wait. She didn’t like the sound of that. 
But for now, I’m content waiting and enjoying my quiet weekends with someone else’s kids, and holding off until Ben’s done with his second degree, has a fabulous new career, then it’s my turn for new adventures.
Possibly, the baby kind. 
*Kicking pain in gut*
Shut up uterus, I said a few Years!!