It’s amazing what some good hearted hard work will do. A little blood (from the chapped hands), a little sweat (from the hot day working in the sun) and tears (no judging) really pay off in the long run.

Now that summer is here it’s time for a car wax!!

It might not have been done in the last couple of years like it should have been (every 4 months as I was so “nicely” reminded), but later is better than never, right? Tell that to all the weird car guys that I know… So like I said, after a two year stint of not waxing it – it was bad. The proof is above.

Now with all the driving I do, particularly to Eastern Washington, I need headlights that can actually be seen at night. The ones I have oxidized so horribly, it was just like going down a dark country road with candles in the front of my car.

It was so bad that when a burned out low beam bulb was pointed out, I hadn’t even notice it…

But now? Not anymore!!

I mean c’mon – night and day right?! Some fine sand paper, polish, lather, rinse, repeat.

And then, repeat the same process to the WHOLE CAR!!!

My arms hang here like noodles as we speak, thank goodness there is a keyboard here to prop them up at all.

Five hours of this process will do that too ya. These sore muscles will pay off in spades when this poor little Honda plugs away another couple of years and does a dang good job of looking hot whilst doing it.