Wow, talk about an overwhelming response to this giveaway! Thank you to everyone for their support, and wasting their time with me everyday reading about my foibles, triumphs, and mishaps, all while laughing with (and at) me along the way while remaining as “country” as I can in this big bad city.

But now for the real reason you’re all here…. The Giveaway.* Dun Dun Duunnn*

A few weeks ago I hit up World Market (which to me, is the new Target) to just see what fare they had for the taking, and wow did I make out like a bandit. The color, the variety, the fun – oh my! Between the amazing chocolates, the bell pepper dishes that went to my friend Haley at The Girly Girl Cooks, and rubber scrapers and basters, spices and this here beauty…. I am a goner.

I knew she would not be mine forever, because she had a larger purpose in the vast universe. She, alas, was destined to grace the table of someone else. If she were teal, she would never be leaving my house. Purposefully, I bought this gorgeous one instead of teal to insure I would not be selfish and keep her. Self-less, I am. (Feel free to laugh at this.)
After sitting down here and psyching myself into parting with this beauty, I broke out the trusty Mac and random number generator to pick a winner. Now let me drop a little knowledge on you – there is a moment between when you click the “pick a number” button and when a random number comes up that you hold your breath. You hold your breath and hope that the person chosen is equally as excited about the possibilities of receiving the prize as the person giving it away. Let me tell you how excited I am. 
The “Wooo” girl in me is coming out.
Okay, okay – I’ll shush now. 
The winner is….
Ms. Michelle Herd. 

Woooo!!! (See, told you there was a “woo” in there)
Thanks again to everyone for entering, this was such a complete blast. 
Hopefully you will all enter the next one.
(Michelle – please contact me at [email protected] )
*If I do not hear from the winner within 48 hours, I will choose another randomly chosen winner*
*All prizes were purchased with my own money, and NOT provided by World Market. I just think they’re awesome so that’s why I bought it.*