This weekend in Fairfield was the annual Flag Day Parade and Festival. These events where entire communities come together are really something to admire and enjoy.

Sure there are the big city festivals and all, but these smaller town ones are so much more intimate and you can take the time to enjoy each little piece of it.

Like this happy pup. He was so overwhelmingly excited to be in that parade, he was spinning circles all the way down Main Street.

And there are the Revolutionary War reenactors taking you back 300 years to capture the essence of their time and the significance of their sacrifice and the Flag that sprouted from it all.

Of course, there are squishy baby faces abound!! I mean, c’mon – how do you look at this and not smile?

I shall call her Squishy and she shall be mine.

*Shut up uterus, no one is listening to you right now!!*

Small town events like this, long lost friends are found, families can reunite, and love just flows.

Brothers and sisters take part, throwing candy to the small hoards of children jumping up and down for the candy rain that falls.

But most of all, these small towns are a place for people to grow and turn into wonderful human beings, who care about those around them, take pride in their community and most of all  –  mold the man I love into who he is today.