Harrison Lee decided that he didn’t want to wait around until his due date of September 12th, and decided to come to the party three and a half weeks early!

Thankfully, despite his early arrival, all is well, we are home and thriving!

Since he is considered a preemie, born before 37 weeks, we had a little longer of a stay at the hospital, just for precautions sake, but now that we are home and officially a family of four, we have hit our stride and couldn’t be more pleased! He’s so dang CHILL!

In due course I will be sharing our birth story, much like I did with Emmett’s nearly three years ago.

In the meantime, here are a couple more pictures of our newest addition! Thank you all for the love and support shown to us, it is so appreciated!

This kid’s snuggle game is STRONG.

Emmett is thrilled with his new baby brother, and even Huck has taken to the new little dude better than expected. Poor old man, at nearly 13 I was worried Huck wasn’t going to take this new human well, but he is checking on the baby and staying right close to me every chance he gets.

It’s photos like this that almost make you want to have another. Almost. HA!