Wedding planning is FUN. Fun. I keep repeating this like a motivational mantra. At the end of the day, I’m marrying Ben and that’s what matters. But between then and now, I’m not-so silently having minor panic attacks over arrangements, decorations, favors, table settings, guest lists, hotel, honeymoon stuff and drum-roll please, paying for it. 
From the beginning Ben and I have been trying to prioritize the necessities of the wedding and categorizing what things are most important to who. Of course, me being the bride means that it’s almost all important to me and really he just wants to show up and get it all over with. Heart warming, isn’t he? 
In between all of the wedding website, blog, magazine searching and Pinterest-ing that I’ve been doing has given me a plethora of ideas and light-bulb moments that only seek to confuse and muddle my decision making even farther. No, I’m not indecisive. Am I?
With Pinterest being my latest media addiction, the sheer scope of ideas coming my way is mind boggling. Here are a few of my favorites.
With a country-chic wedding plan I fell over at the sight of the burlap table runner. And this picture, was actually from Trezzi Farm where Ben and I are getting married. Perfection. 

Seeing as we (yes, the royal “we”) are getting married in August, it’s prime camping time. Which means camp fires and what else – S’more! A s’mores bar? Take that candy bar! Everything is better toasted, melty and sammiched between grahams. 
And using other chocolates like Kit Kat, Reese’s and Peppermint patties alongside good ol’ Hershey’s? I’m SO There! After all my wedding dieting is over, I will unapologetically scarf down three (okay, five) of these, earning every morsel.

There are so many ways to honor those who are no longer with us at weddings. From memory candles, to pictures set aside the ceremony, or their names placed on the program there are endless ways to show your loved ones they are missed. When this beauty found it’s way onto my Pinterest boards, I was sold.
Each of us have special family members that are no long we us, and we want to commemorate their memories in a special way, and this seems like just the right touch.

The colors we (read: I) chose are poppy, dark teal and wheat. This tie – country-chic as it gets and fabulously matched, am I right? 

Yesterday on my Facebook page I posted this picture of a cupcake stand, which was a momentous success. I’m glad y’all don’t think I’m nuts. Freakin’ adorbs, budget friendly and this lumberjill can get this done in about 10 minutes! Give me a chainsaw, STAT!
And why not use a few rounds to use as a center piece stand? Okie dokie!
Last but not least – a bug spray station. Terribly unromantic, but during a summer outdoor wedding? These are a must. Why not toss them int a tub, throw some streamers on there and go to town? With some much better scents on the market than just deet and shame, you can spray away the pesky gnats without smelling like a walking bug-blood bank. 
Now, go forth and plan! And if Pinterest doesn’t help – a glass of wine might.