Now that Ben’s sister is back in the States, fresh off of her two months cooking in Europe (I know, sad for her right?) I took a little time off work to take her around town, introduce her to western Washington and drag her up to Snoqualmie Falls for the view, of course, but so I could get her opinion of Salish Lodge as one of Ben’s and my potential wedding venues.

I know that I’ve touted the beauty of the Lodge before, but felt really weird taking pictures of the interior with the wedding coordinator around…Somehow sneaking around the place with Michelle snapping photos and trying not to get caught seemed like a much better plan. Don’t worry, we didn’t get caught.

Snoqualmie Falls is a huge tourist draw in the greater Seattle area. During the summer (which we are clearly missing out on right now) the whole area is a flutter with buses and wide eyed observers wanting to clench the spirit of this place where the Snoqualmie people say it’s where man and women were created by the moon. How could you not be moved by that?

As I stood there with Michelle taking it all in, this cute little monster caught my eye. With all of the cameras there, I’d hoped I could be inconspicuous with my attempts to capture his awe for all eternity. He hung there, legs over the rail, protectively wrapped in his grandfather’s arms. So wonderfully touching.

How can you not just adore those two? 

I’m dyin’ here. *Shut up uterus, you keep quiet!*

Normally this time of year the falls are much more dried up than this, but it does give a romantic aire to the place doesn’t it? 
After our viewing of the falls, Michelle and I snuck around the Lodge’s Terrace room where a wedding reception would take place. 

Here is the set up for the buffet line. The warmth of the wood and frosted glass doors just positively get me. 
Adjoining the buffet line is the dinning and mingling area. It can be rearranged for an indoor reception and dance area if it’s foul outside. It is Seattle after all. 

The copper chandelier up there? I don’t think I can pick one of those up at IKEA. Nerts. But boy is it beautiful!
The standard included flowers are these little beauts. But is it me or are they too dull for a wedding? On their own, of course they are cheery, but weddings need color, pizazz, texture and variation!!

The outdoor ceremony site adjoins the Terrace room and how lovely of view it would be, right directly over the falls. The mists rise up from the plunging depths, drawing perfect parallels to the Snoqualmie people’s traditions and beliefs of man and woman being joined together by their Creator. 

Over the edge of the railing is the falls, where we could face if we do elect this place. I am still in love with it here. White seats lined up facing in my directions, and a pretty little pathway for me to strut my stuff down to Ben. 
And hey, it’s a crowd! Hi crowd!

After all the sneaking around was done – Happy Hour was calling our name. Learning about wine from the girl who just spent two months in Italy learning all about food and wine? Yes, please!

Up in the Attic of the joint the table adornments were alive with color. I wonder if they’d be willing to substitute the dull white flowers for these poppy colored delights? A call should be placed!
So for a couple of hours Michelle and I sat, joked, talked about weddings, tried to come up with a plan and just sat and stared at the miraculous falls. 
Not a bad day playin’ hookie from work, if I do say so myself.