84 days ago, I married this man.

Yup. Him. Like a boss. And every day since that day has been an adventure.

So many people brought us to that very day, and it wouldn’t have been the same without them. Ben and I are so lucky to be surrounded not just by the love of one another – but by the love of our friends and family. Everyone should be so fortunate. And it was a indescribable day, full of laughs, tears and many, many memories.

Maple Bacon? 

I can’t look at this picture without crying.

Or this one without laughing. She’s my rock.

Before our first look, Ben and I opted to exchange cards as a moment between the two of us to express our final words to one another before starting this journey together. It’s not everyday that you can just pour your heart out to your beloved (at least in my case without crying my eyes out), but in those cards we could express ourselves and hold on to those words and that brief moment in time as a memento the rest of our lives.

Nope, not nervous at all….(totally the most nervous I’ve been in all my life.) But also, equally the most excited, too.

So many happy tears.

Did I mention it was 103 degrees that day? Cause it was. In August. In eastern Washington. What kinda crazy broad does that? Ohhh, wait. Me. We shared lunch with our friends and attendants before the wedding after our first look at a local orchard and got to relax a bit before the rest of the days activities, ie hitching. This is our friend, and the man who would bind us as husband and wife – Tim, and his blushing new bride Carly. Adore.

Go Cougs!! Eight WSU Cougars, one wedding. Holla!

These three girls bring me unequivocal joy, and laughter. My life wouldn’t be the same without them. Not to mention – they’re all smokin’ hot. Look at them!

And here we have the very reason Ben and I met. Corinne. My soulie to the Nth degree.

It’s offical!

People still speak of these cupcakes in hush and silent tones. Really. I’ve received late night texts regarding these cupcakes.

Knock, Knock…

The Rev. Tim – we couldn’t have asked for a more sincere and true friend to marry us that day. Thank you, Tim.

My lumberjack family. And my throwing axe. Yup, even on my wedding day.

My other-other hunny dancing to our song “Banana Pancakes” from Jack Johnson. Naturally.

Fiesty man.

And finally we were off to the start of our new life together. Life hasn’t been the same since – and I can’t wait for all of the future yet to come.

All the little details:

Photographers: Kimbry Studios – Kimberly and Bryan Clawson. There are no words to describe these two. I couldn’t have imagined anyone better to be there for our day. It was like having old friends shooting your wedding – they really made it easy, comfortable, and best of all FUN. They’re creative, funny, and the love they have for one another is tangible and so real. That love carries through in the care, detail and emotion they put into their photography. I can not say enough about them. I adore them both. Thank you Kim and Bryan, so very much. Our day, truly, wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Wedding Dress: COSTCO! No Joke! Kristie Kelly Signature Lace Petal

Sash and Fascinator: Touch of Chic Bridal

Venue: Trezzi Farm, Greenbluff, WA

Flowers: Erin Walsh, Half Moon Blooms and Memories, Greenbluff, WA

Cupcakes and Cake: Love @ First Bite, Spokane Valley, Wa