There were dresses, herds of women, and cake – lots of cake. The day started off nicely enough, meeting Beka at her place, grabbing a big cup o’ Starbucks – like us Seattle-ites do – and we drove into town to catch up with my mom and show that Expo who’s boss.

After walking in bags in hand, we had magazines tossed our way, endless handouts for venues, DJs, photographers, dress designers, caterers, invitation specialists, cellists, quartets and any number of other services that could be provided at a hitchin’. Dear Lord was it intimidating, overwhelming and it made me want to go home snuggle with my dog and my hunny and never leave my apartment again.

Our first stop was the dresses. There were retailers and boutiques peddling ever designer I’d ever heard of, or not heard of. There was this beauty.

Nope, nope, nope *pause*…yeah nope, didn’t try it on and wouldn’t. (Sorry for any 80’s bride that rocked something like this down the aisle to some Billy Idol romantic rock song with overly teased curly hair – it’s just not me, I’m a child of the 80’s not the bride of them)
I did have to try on a couple of dresses, one being Maggie Sottero. Do I love me some Maggie, and so does Beka. Last year she got married and wore a stunning Maggie Sottero, so after I snagged this baby off the rack and tried it on (it was the 1st one I tried on) I knew it was a sign. *angels singing*
Now, there are pictures of me and Ms. Maggie’s “Harlow” dress floating around between my mother and Beka but they have yet to surface on my computer.

(This is the Harlow though. Just to save you the time of looking it up yourself… and No, I did not buy it.)

Next, we moved along with the thundering herd of brides-to-be and went cake tasting. The cake tastings alone made for the most ridiculous sugar high and low I’ve ever experienced!! Thank goodness mi madre was carrying a V8 in her purse to crack open and save the day. Such a mom to carry snacks and veggie juice. Gotta love her.

Hey, I know how to make those! Thank you Wilton Method Decorating classes!

Adorable! How do I love coconut and the sage-y green. 

What perfectly peach peonies.


Despite all of the sugar highs and lows, you have to admit there were some gorgeous cakes and cupcakes around. The day was a total success with pretty dresses, comical salereps, endless sugary confections and plenty of girly time with the mama and bestie. I’m still exhausted. Must go rest now.