Wanna Be A Ziti
Well, I said it wants to be a ziti but it’s got identity issues.  As a continuing saga of the “Cook Whatcha Got” mini-series I whips this little diddy up. It’s currently baking in the oven while I write and boy does it smell good.
The whole purpose of the cook whatcha got series is because we all inevitably end up with things in our kitchen that just lay around and never seem to get used. There is usually a couple of small trips to the store as well to buy things that I think I don’t have, but also alwyas seem to pop up after the fact. This could easily have been one of those cases, but alas I scrounged around and found all that I needed.
For your Shopping List
~2 cups of Pasta, elbows or whatever you have that is small
~ 1/2 cup red wine
~1 cup pasta sauce
~ 3 links of Aidell’s sausage (or again whatever sausage or brat you have)
~ 3 Tbsp. basil
~1 tsp garlic
~ 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
I began by boiling my pasta one minute short of done. Drain. Slice sausages in small bite size slices and toss into a pan to cook if they are not already done so, or to heat up to proper temperature. In this pan along with sausage, add garlic, wine and simmmer until hot. Set aside momentarily.
When pasta is completed it’s cooking, drain and put back into the pot so that the sausage, basil, pasta sauce and 1/3 cup of the parm cheese can be mixed in. 
Stir together and dish into a small casserole plate.
Top with the rest of the cheese, and place in a 350 oven for 15 minutes until it’s all mixed, heated and the cheese is melted.
This is great for two, and you will have leftovers, or serve for three. If this is for four people, make sure you have a side or two. 
This is a great 20 minute dinner when you’re in a rush. Hope you like it!
~Country Cleaver