Ben did amazing on his two exams this week. And when I say amazing, I’m referring to the over 100% he got on both of them. Who gets 101 and 105% on a microbiology and a cell biology exam? And silly man said he thought he only did “okay”. Anytime I took an exam like that and thought I did “okay”, it meant I usually all but failed. Science is not my bag baby. Oh well, he can take his science skills and run with ’em.

After all of the hours of hard work, holed up studying, not seeing him except for dinner (and we live together…) he deserved something nice. I originally whipped this little ditty up the first weekend he came out to visit me in Seattle when we began dating two and half years ago. He hadn’t ever spent a day doing touristy things in Seattle, so after a trek to Pike’s Place and picking up some fresh nectarines and bing cherries we came back home and I flambeed the heck out of those babies with some Grand Marnier. You can’t go wrong.  Heat it up, serve it over ice cream and you’re set!

For a two serving Cherry and Nectarine flambe, 
~ Cut up 2 ripe nectarines
~ Pit and halve about 15 cherries

~Cover with about 4 Tablespoons Grand Marnier.
Stir up to evenly coat the fruit. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let sit in your fridge for about a half hour.

After that 30 minutes get out a medium skillet and turn on medium high heat. Pour fruit in and stir up for about 45 second. If you have a long lighter, just flick it and put it right to the fruit to attempt to light it up and burn off the rest of the alcohol. This is where a gas stove would be awesome. 
If it doesn’t work, no big, what’s a little alcohol in the fruit. It’s not gonna kill ya. 

Scoop out some oh so tasty vanilla ice cream and top with the heated and boozy fruit. 

Super simple, and oh so perfect on a summer’s day. (Or winter’s day if you can get your hands on good cherries and nectarines).
Make it for your hunny or yourself, summer is in the air.