Food nerds just “get” eachother. We just do. And when you can be yourself all over the internet and fear no judgement you can find the bestest of friends.

Inevitably you will find at least one person that shares you odd, misbegotten sense of humor, love of nail polish, or weird seemingly endless fascination of TWSS jokes that most would roll their eyes at and dismiss you without a thought. But these girls? No. They revel in it. And that is why I heart them.

The usual suspects that have been putting together the Food themed weeks decided we wanted to share the love in another way. By sending eachother boxes full of food. Hooray for fatness. We decided that our love should be shared not through just the exchange of recipes, but with boxes and boxes of goodies that we ourselves all find terribly delightful in every possible sinful way.

We decided to dub this project – One Kitchen, Many Hearts. And so we have and will continue to grow closer through our love of food and the search for the perfect pair of stretchy non-judgement jeans that won’t leave that horrendous mark on our tummies. It’s an ever present battle.

For this first round of Food Friend Love, I shared my favorite treats with Kirsten of Comfortably Domestic. Homegirl needed some chocolate, bubbly and Biscoff spread. Finding her a jar of Biscoff was a duty I took none to lightly. Biscoff is serious business.

And in return, I received a lovely package from my favorite Tundra dwelling royal-aholic – Kat of Tenaciously Yours. You’ve met Kat here a few times, and if you haven’t stopped by her blog and fallen instantly in-love with her – you will find that void in your soul instantly filled. It was kismit that brought us together and we’ve never looked back.

With a mutual (borderline un-)healthy obsession with all things Royal and Duchess Kate, fascinators and stationary we became instantaneous friends. So when my package arrived from the tundra filled with local fare and personal favorites, I swooned. One of my greatest challenges this year was to start cooking healthier. (Hello, wedding in 173 days y’all!) And with marathon running Kat on my team, I knew that this would be a challenge I could complete – with her help.

Upon opening my gift and seeing a card addressed to yours truly, Duchess of the PNW (Damn, right!), I knew this would go beyond my wildest dreams.

Once done ripping into an envelope and card laced with bubbly and happy hand writing, it was proceeded by my unceremonious unwrapping of two jars of glory – a cajun spice blend (that as I can tell you right now, makes killer roasted baby reds…) and a cilantro chutney that I am itching to break into this week. Am I the only one that when she smells cilantro my mood is instantly boosted about 5 rungs? It’s some magical stuff.

Next was a pre-packaged channa masala blend for a recipe from Eat, Live, Run. I love a good chickpea, and this blend with chickpeas and awesomeness? Sell me to the high bidder – I’m sold!

Of course, as any good tundra dweller would – I was presented with a package of Minnesota grown wild rice. There is already a recipes stirring around in the noggin for this bag of beauty. Artichokes, rice and baked into bliss by way of a tangine? Yup. I’m doin’ it.

And last – but quite possibly my fave – a bread towel hand stitched with a spruce bough. When I saw it I fell over and died. I squeed at Ben about it, jumped up and down and then wanted to go and make a proper loaf of bread using this beauty of a bread towel to proof some dough. Ben suggested framing it.

Both viable options.

As the great PNW dweller of the group (another one of our group grew up here, but ended up in AZ. residing with poisonous snakes and arachnids. Weirdo.), she thought it appropriate to have a conifer stitched into the linen. Appropriate and utterly divine. I lack all patience of this sort of task, so when others take it upon themselves, or their mothers to have it done – I am all the more grateful.

If it weren’t crazy to sleep with my gifts and card in hand like a proper crazy person, I would. These things just warm your heart when you know food dorks out there, just like you, share their love of goodness and fun and intend of spreading it all around for the world (or in our case, blogosphere) to know.

Visit the other participants of our food dork love fest – Jeanne, Mads, Kat, Kirsten, and Allison – and find out what they received from their food soulies. Spread the love with someone you know. We’re all part of the world’s kitchen. (That’s deep for 7 am, I know! – I must need more coffee.)