If you haven’t been enlightened to the wonders of the komado pot – let me take a moment to fill you in on the single best BBQ/Grilling/outdoor cooking contraption in existence.

It all started back in the ’60’s by some American pilot who liked the ceramic cooking pots he found in Japan, modified them, started producing them and shipped them Stateside where they took off – Big Green Egg ring a bell? Well, the one we have is NOT the green egg thing, ours is an original.  And here’s the thing about these pots – they last forever.

The komado pot does everything from barbaquing a full on turkey, to burgers, and fish to fabulously fabulous chicken.

Last weekend Ben, Huck and I sauntered down to my parent’s place to do a little cooking and Dad broke out the komado pot to grill up the best chicken, ever. A few BBQ briquettes, a little fire and voi la – Dad’s famous komado chicken.

So, if you ever ever ever get the chance to own one of these bad boys – do it.
Check out a swap meet, rummage sale, garage sale – or even if you must – break down and invest in a Big Green Egg. It will be so worth your money.