Labrador owners, especially yellow lab owners, go through three different stages of ownership. 
Stage One: Stock up on every brand of de-fuzzing agent known to man. From rolls of extra strength duct tape to Costco packs of Lint rollers and everything in between.
Stage Two: Buy clothes in colors that will compliment your labradors hair color so it doesn’t stand out when it gets rooted into the fabrics of everything you own. Black is most definitely OUT, you should see my Northface fleece – it’s now looks gray thanks to all the hair interwoven into it. 
And I’ve tried everything including taking a Furminator to it… no joy.
Stage Three: Accept that no matter what you do, you labrador will commandeer anything you let lay on the floor for more than five minutes. 
“It smellz like Mom, must cuddles with it.”

Step Four (Cause who’s really counting?) : Love that squishy face no matter what, cause after three years  this habit of his isn’t going to change. That blue fleece jacket he’s laying on is officially his…