I’m hoping that the covering of the “Boise Food Scene” is going to make me sound more like a 25 year old than of an alcoholic, but I can understand where one might make the wrong assumption with the following pictures and descriptions.
Let us also note – that Boise is currently the center of the sun and when you’re trying to beat the heat, a fruity and booze filled drink does set ones’ mood to a lower level of uncomfortable when you’re not fully prepared for or accustomed to the heat.
First Sara and I partook in (read: guzzled down) a John Daly. If you haven’t drank one of these – get one it. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade. Go, right now.
Z’s Bucket.
Fresh, fruity and full of awesomeness – this is simply one you have to try if you’re ever at Fork in Boise.
Any drink with basil is a drink for me.
With the drinks – comes the food.
All of us surrounding the table are Seattlites. Sure, it may seem dodgy to some to mow down a bowl of clams when you’re landlocked in the high mountain desert – but at Fork, it’s fresh and heavenly. Thankfully they are a farm to table restaurant using only what they can immediately gets their paws on. And with these being flown out the day before-  I’m comfortable with this lot.
Dang were they amazing. And I’m not a shellfish kinda girl.
Now, maybe I should introduce you to my extended family. This is Sara, being well, Sara. She’s a horse riding, firefighting, ranching, political science wiz and super gorgeous badass. Did I mention firefighter? Seriously – who does that?!
This is of course, Farley. Well, Nick if you’re being polite. How this kid has put up with this group of girls is beyond me. With frequent punches to the arm (from Sara) and swimming in a sea of estrogen this weekend – the kid can hold his own. Bravo Farley. Bravo.
And of course – Ms. Lauren. She’s a beaut, uber-hilarious, full of sarcasm and unadulterated wit.
We can keep her.
Lastly, of course – is me. HI!
Back to the food – you already know enough about me…
We finished the clams and devoured our dinners. There were burgers a bound, made with only the best of the best beef. I challenge you to taste the difference in beefs from the store’s mass produced lot meat to the beef raised by a local rancher. Night and day. Take a stab in the dark at which one wins.
I opted for a BAM Sammy – a glorified BLT on a house made bun, maple thick sliced bacon and a pesto aioli. Sorry whilst I drool a bit more.
It was gone in 10 minutes flat.
Saturday, we ran around the downtown Farmer’s market which has doubled in size since the last time I was there. Boy howdy – this was a localvore’s dream.
A made my way home with a half pound of truffle cheddar, and an Israeli melon. It had a mango/tomato smell to it – but after an morning of marketing in my shoulder bag – it was musty and stale.
Thank goodness it tasted good and made for it…
Let us note – it’s Monday and the bag still smells. But dang was it a good melon.
But what is a farmer’s market without a baker or well, ten. The words “Rum and Coke Cupcake” jumped right off the page. Lauren and I were ravenous honey badgers over these beauties. I’ve got to get working on a replica of these. Stat.
The last purchase of the market excursion was this so-ugly-its-almost-pretty mushroom. It’s a lobster mushroom, and never having come across one before I had to buy it for a cooking experiment. Not only are they richly colored like a steamed lobster – they actually smell like one! For real, no joking here.
I was thinking a little lobster-mushroom risotto with truffle cheddar would be pretty amazing…what do you think?
(btw, that’s a blue cheese stuffed and fried green olive on top…yeah, they went there)
And if this food-overindulgence wasn’t enough – we went back to Fork the following morning to feed and sustain ourselves with Make Your Own Bloody Marys,
Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes,
Biscuits and Gravy,
and the most perfectly poached eggs and maple bacon.
I don’t think I have fully recovered from my food coma just yet.
And I’m perfectly okay with that.